Petsafe Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs: Details Review

Waterproof Dog Fence

If your dog is a swimmer, you know the vitality of a submersible dog fence. Every owner harbors a desire of owning the best waterproof electric fence for dogs. But all are not lucky enough to detect one.

— Let’s make a headway to the right direction as DogLoom experts have laid out a clear path-

PetSafe pet fence:

Petsafe Pet Fence

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Special tidbits of PetSafe pet fence:

Specs: Weight- 6 pounds,

Batteries: Lithium-ion.

Type: Wireless.

Range: ¾ acre circular area coverage, including the marsh areas, lakes, creeks & swimming pools.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system: Automatic. Static free reentry.

Correction adjustability: Five levels of electric shocks.

Waterproof: Rechargeable & waterproof collar. Fully submersible. The collar remains active while underwater. It does not increase or decrease the shock level. Electrocution is out of question.

Portability: Highly mobile.

Dog size: 6-28 inches of neck size and dogs above 5 pounds.

Dog number: Requires extra collars to add pets.

Area configuration: By adding up to 3 base units, you can substantially expand the area. It even pitches ‘front yard only’ or ‘back yard only’ modes.

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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The challenges PetSafe Det fence :

Not escape-proof: Still, extremely stubborn dogs may not be deterred with this fence. It offers 5 variations in static correction. The highest level may not be enough for a strong and stubborn puppy.

Signal obstruction: Like many other electric pet fences, any large metal object deters the flow of radio signals. Metal buildings or roofs partially ditch the signal system. Dropped communication might set the dog free, by creating holes in the periphery.

Smaller coverage area: You know ¾ acre area is not much to advertise but it might be useful for a small home. On top of that, uneven grounds, metal objects, trees or bushes could hamper the coverage area. Usually, such a problem leads to a curtailed freedom. The boundary might vary to some extent.

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What makes the PetSafe pet fence special?

You are resorting to the largest electronic pet training tool producer. PetSafe dedicates its efforts in improving pet life, across 52 countries around the world.

Innovative research together with advanced designs define their journey. The waterproof capacity relies upon the placement of the gasket, used for covering the charging port hole. Put it in the proper place.

Besides, you must check on the contact points on the collar. If the probes go loose, water intrusion is inevitable. So a lot depends upon your regular maintenance. Some dogs love water and they can swim wearing this one.

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In such a scenario, the collar steps in to save you some labor. In case you live in a marsh area, you should consider PetSafe more seriously. This invisible pet fence allows you to include the watery areas to the containment ecosystem. Actually, all waterproof electric products border on resistance vs proof zone.

Question is how long it can survive?

— Years of regular swimming cannot harm it, let alone occasional watersport.

So rest assured on this front. The fence offers an adjustable circular range of up to 3/4-acre of coverage. You can bring down the coverage to 5 feet or enlarge the area up to 105 feet. No need to bury wire.

It takes only 1-2 hours of work to finish the setup process. RVing, camping and outdoor activities will go on in full swing from this day on.

No more hesitation about taking the velcro dog with you. The dog will stop testing your patience, like forever. This stunningly portable invisible dog fence serves all purposes. This wireless fence is made to deter the strong willed dogs.

It demotivates him from taking on a determined chase. Keeping him secured inside the stipulated zone could prove a difficult task, over and over again. Test the PetSafe wireless barrier for headstrong puppies.

But the puppy might occasionally escape if the reward is too irresistible such as chasing an animal. It comes with 5 levels of electric correction, bounding the most adamant dogs to back down.

Suits all kinds of dog temperament.

Keep transmitter housed indoors in a climate-controlled, weatherproof, well-ventilated area. Amazingly, the rechargeable battery lasts from 2-5 weeks based on the frequency of use and it finishes recharging within 2-4 hours. Snap collar goes on and off like a breeze.

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What to do after dog collars get wet?

Despite claiming to be waterproof, you need to adopt some measures immediately after an immersion in water. These useful tips can save the dog collar in the long run no matter what brand it is.

— Before going into a water adventure, you will want to make sure that all the loose bits on the receiver (the contact probes, the button cap or charging port cover, etc) are put in place in a tight manner.

After the puppy has finished its activities, take the collar off the neck. Then leave it in an open place for air drying. Make sure it is completely dry before using again.

However, regular exposure to saltwater could pose some rust risks for the metal and the normal collars.

Salt is highly corrosive.

It essentially damages the material structure. You need to fully rinse off the collar with fresh water and then air dry. This small precaution will hold the color of the collar for a long time.

Moreover, the straps will remain strong, especially the nylon strapped collars. Besides, it will help displace water in case any intrusion happens.

Final Recommendation:

The greatest dog swimmers in the block are now free to go. A waterproof pet containment installation saves you, as an owner, from a lot of worries.

First, the dog remains inside a safe perimeter. And if he forces his way to the water, the dog collar remains functional. The practical design has captured many hearts.

PetSafe has brought a superb device to deter a persistent dog from its flight designs. Simple setup and great utility has essentially driven its sky-high popularity.

People fall for it because of its precise usefulness and reasonable price. Your hunting seasons will go ever more smooth from this day on.

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