Is It Cruel to Keep a Dog in a Cage All Day [ Experienced Dog Owner Suggestion]

Puppy in a cage all day

When I got my first pet, a dog I wanted to play around with him all day. His name is Dan. I love the furry boy a ton.

But the problem started eventually when I was told to keep him in a cage as he was running inside the house too much. I first thought how could I put him in a cage where it will limit his movements. Is it cruel to keep a dog in a cage all day?

But then I decided to tackle the problem. I want to find a way to keep both my family and dog happy. Yes, I found it.

If you can follow some guidelines then you can also keep your favorite pet in a crate without causing any psychological harm.

So, I am going to give you a few tips on how to use the crate properly so that it doesn’t look cruel while you are using it.

Guidelines to Using the Crate to Keep Your Dog Happy & Safe:

The answer depends on the pet owner’s intentions. It’s important to answer the following questions when it comes to crate training:

  • How do you train your dog to use a crate?
  • Why do you want to crate train your dog?
  • How long are you planning to keep them in the crate?

— You will hear a lot of arguments that keeping a dog in a crate all day is very inhumane and causes psychological damage. But, that is not true. Because the crate doesn’t create as much impact as a human does

If you’re going to put your dog in a crate for more than 12 hours a day, five days a week, then this can cause psychological harm. The crate acts as a tool you’ve chosen to commit acts of cruelty.

The collar or a leash also doesn’t cause harm if you use it wisely. If you use these tools to punish your beloved dog then your dog will see that as a danger sign and will not want to stay there.

No dog likes to be tied to a leash when you put it on for the first time. But pet owners take the time to train their pets until they learn to get used to it. The same goes for dog crates. You need to train your dog to get used to staying in a crate.

Teach them to see crates as a safe space, rather than a prison. If you want to crate train your elder dog it may take some time but don’t lose hope.

So, what should you do so that keeping your dog in a crate doesn’t become cruel? Well,

Use the Crate For Your Dog’s Safety

You need to train your dog in a way that feels the crate is a safe space. Don’t misuse the crate in any way.

Some people use crates for long-term isolation with no interaction or physical activity. This causes obsessive habits (licking, chewing, etc.), separation anxiety, muscular atrophy, withdrawal, and difficulty bonding with other people.

— To keep this from happening to your furry friend, make sure that your dog will only be created for a few hours a day. Crates come in handy during puppy management and training in the early stages of life.

When your dog becomes an adult and has become adept at living with humans, he wouldn’t need the crate as often as he used to. You can go for EliteField Crate for your four-legged love.

Choose the Perfect Crate Time:

One of the most crucial factors about keeping your dog in the crate is timing. Be careful on how many hours you are keeping your dog inside the crate.

Compared to adult dogs, puppies find it harder to hold their bladders and bowels. For this reason, puppies should get minimal crate time than older dogs..

No matter what age or kind of dog you have, to crate train you need to first start with observation. Keep them in the crate at different timings to find how many hours they can adjust.

In the case of puppies, if they accidentally pee and empty their bowel, they have likely been left in the crate too long. Make sure to give them time to exercise and relieve themselves before and after putting them in the crate.

Don’t Overuse the Crate:

Do you know why dogs are called man’s best friend?  Because they are social and love to interact with people & other dogs. Leaving them inside a crate causes them to get lonely.

And, if you overuse the crate and put the poor soul for a long time, it may cause him/ her a mental problem.

Not only that they may also develop health problems, difficulty following commands, as well as aggression issues.

Don’t Leave Your Favorite Pet in the Crate While at Work:

The longest you can leave an adult dog inside a crate is 8 hours, and that’s including their overnight sleeping time. Your dog needs to be active during the daytime. If you have flexible work hours, you can regularly check on your dog and take him out for walks.

It’s not advisable to leave your pet locked in a crate while you’re at work for the day. — However, this largely depends on your work schedule.

You can try coming home from lunch, using a dog walking service, or enroll your dog in a dog daycare. Don’t forget to check out the environment of the daycare properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

Leaving your dog in the crate while at work the whole time is unacceptable. The most you can leave your dog at work is 5 hours straight. That is too long also. Although adult dogs can bear up to 8 hours. But that doesn’t mean you should keep the dog that long.

Should I cover my dog’s crate? 

Yes. If your dog gets easily excited and moves whenever there is noise outside then it is a good idea to cover the crate. A crate cover can assist to reduce anxiety and soothe dogs by minimizing visual stimuli. So, the dog won’t get excited and bark a lot.

At what age do you stop crating a dog at night?

I stopped crating at night around 6 or 7 months of age. It just depends on the dog and whether or not you can trust them to not pee /not chew stuff.

Can I let my dog roam free in the house?

Again it depends on the Dog. If your dog moves around quite a bit and gets into trouble quite a bit then you should keep it inside of the crate for a while. — Otherwise, your dog will hamper your belongings, furniture.

So, to keep them safe you need to crate train your dog, and keep them inside the crate for a while.

Should I ignore puppy whining in the crate?

If you are starting the crate training then you need to ignore the whining. If your dog is just testing you, he’ll probably stop whining soon. Yelling at him or pounding on the crate will only make things worse. You need to keep patience and let it whine. Then your dog will understand that whining won’t get the job done.

Final Verdict on Keeping Your Dog in Crate:

So, I tried to give you an answer to the question “is it cruel to keep a dog in a cage all day”. Keeping a free-spirited animal in a cage is of course cruel.

In the case of dogs, it is more true. Because they like to roam around and play with people. So, you need to use the crate as a tool to keep the dog happy and safe. And if you follow my guidelines then it wouldn’t be a problem.

— Also, you need to understand your dog what they want and how to give them without spoiling them. Observe your furry friend. If your dog enjoys spending time in the crate, you can leave the crate door open to them for most of the day.

However, be sure to give them access to other parts of your home, such as the yard, so they can come and go whenever they like.

Have a good time with your best buddy!

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