How Many Hours of Sleep do Dogs Need in a Day

How Many Hours of Sleep do Dogs

Dogs have a lot of endurance and energy. They conserve a lot of stamina at any particular period. You will often see dogs wake up from their sleep at night many times. Even in the day, they react to sound waves by waking from a deep sleep. 

One of the fascinating things about mammals with powerful hearing senses never sleeps for long periods. For these reasons, polar bears in the north pole dig in the ice for their hibernation period. Inside the ice, their acute hearing and smelling senses become dull. 

That’s why polar bears can sleep for months. However, other mammals can’t endure the same environment as polar bears because of evolution. 

The point is pet animals have lost some evolutionary traits for their easy access to food and habitat. So, they need more care and love from their owners. It’s crucial to know about your dog’s sleeping habits and know exactly how many hours of sleep do dogs need in a day?

In this article, we will cover everything you should know about the sleeping habits of dogs. 

What are The Dogs Sleeping Cycles:

Dogs Sleeping Cycles

The sleeping cycle of canine will lead us to know some important stuff about dog sleeping habits and how they are fit in the sleeping cycle. 

How many hours a day do dogs sleep? The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) states, middle to older dogs need at least 11 to 13 hours of sleep in a 24-hour day cycle. This sleeping period can be different for dogs (depending on their current health conditions). Puppies need an average of 18 to 20 hours of sleep in a 24-hour day cycle. 

You may be thinking, why do dogs sleep so much? Especially, puppies need 6 to 8 hours of sleep more than middle-aged dogs. Yet, age is not the only factor that affects dog sleeping cycles. Dog sleeping durations depend on many different things. 

These are some core components for dogs napping, 

  • Age.
  • Living conditions.
  • Health.
  • Food. 
  • Owners lifestyle(pet dogs). 
  • Environment. 
  • Breed.

We will divide the sleeping cycle into 3 major parts-

1. Young Dogs(Puppies):

Just like human babies, puppies drain energy quicker and tire out a lot faster for their young age. But, their survival instinct kicks off from this time. So, many puppies act similarly to Tasmanian Devils for their baby states. Pups sleep a lot to maintain their energy and strength. 

Puppies grow faster in a stable environment. After they are born, puppies try to adjust to the motion of the outside world. Walking, eating, and playing needs a lot of energy. They conserve this energy by taking short naps after every work. Naps are quite crucial in this stage for body growth.

2. Middle aged-dogs:

Middle aged-dogs are healthy and robust. Their sleep cycle is pretty much balanced. However, working dogs may sleep less than regular. A security guard dog will sleep less, and it’s perfectly normal because they are trained to endure much more hardship than normal dogs. Dogs used in herding animals also sleep less than average. 

These working dogs are more aware and agile. They have tonnes of responsibilities, which is why they have to be in their top physical and mental condition. Eventually, these dogs will catch up on their sleep and start the next day refreshed, alert, and ready to do their jobs. 

Different dog breeds may have different sizes and shapes, yet it doesn’t affect the sleeping cycle. A German Shepherd will sleep the same amount of time as a Pug would. 

3. Older Dogs:

Similar to puppies, senior dogs also need a lot of rest puppies. Usually, dogs become old in 5 or 6 years. Their average lifespan is 10 to 15 years. But, this number depends mostly on the living conditions of the dog breeds. 

For the increasing age, any kind of activity for older dogs becomes increasingly tiring. So, older dogs will take rest and sometimes naps to conserve their energy later. Size and shape is not a crucial factor in this stage too. 

Sometimes places can also affect the sleeping habits of dogs. In Korea, street dogs are treated harshly. Poachers capture dogs and captive them. Later, these people auction them to the slaughterhouse for meat. The environment of Korea is pretty rough for rising chemical industries. For this increasing air pollution, many dog owners cover their pet’s mouth with a facemask. So, Korean dogs sleep less than average. 

Why Proper Amount of Sleep is Crucial for Your Dog?

Proper Amount of Sleep

Dogs can be quite playful and robust all day long. They will run, play, and jump. Even when they are pups, they might not stop. But, all this playing will eventually make them tired. So, sleeping will regain energy again for the next time shenanigans. 

Moreover, enough sleep is crucial for healthy development. Sound sleep will affect their future learning process and behavior patterns. While in the puppy state, they explore the world and interact with new things. So, their brains have to process a lot. Sleeping makes this process smoother. 

Dogs also learn crucial habits through sleeping, such as potty training or fetching the ball. The information that makes sense to the dog only when you have repeated the same process many times. Through sound sleeping, this repetitive process made sense to the brain and became a working thing. Maybe it’s a little bit for the treat, but the whole thing is for proper brain functionality. 

Why Sleeping Too Much is Bad for Your Dog’s Health? 

Dog bedtime depends on how much they have finished their energy. Sometimes, they may sleep for no reason at all. But, whether it’s energy-conserving sleep or mental development sleep, there is an exact time limitation. Crossing this limit might indicate several health problems.

If your dog is sleeping more than an average of 12 hours, then consider checking a vet. Some dogs sleep all day for lack of proper exercise. This sleeping schedule will eventually lead to many bone problems. 

Moreover, long periods of sleep are also a sign of health issues. In the wild, mammals will sleep less for long periods. They take breaks between dozing off in the daytime, sometimes in the night too. This method of sleeping is a natural reaction to the survival instinct. The dogs that sleep too much have problems that come from excessive stress and anxiety. 

Most of the time, dogs will sleep 12 hours and puppies for 20 hours, which is pretty natural. But, if you are concerned about your dog’s excessive sleeping habits, then be sure to seek administration from the local vet. 

5 Best Ways to Track Dogs Sleep Hours:

We already described which components affect dog sleep patterns. Below, you will know some essential things that will ensure your dog a better sleep. 

1. Check their Food Habits:

Food is one of the most crucial elements for a good night’s sleep. Having any improper food will result in numerous problems for dogs. In a general view, dogs should eat 3 times a day. 

However, this number may change for some reasons. You have to remember that dogs feeding doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing some common properties about dogs will be enough to make a proper feeding system for them. 

K-9s are quite habitual animals. Once they are fond of something, it’s hard to get rid of that habit. Take this as an advantage to feed your dog. Regular healthy eating will make them irresistible towards that food. 

For puppies, try to feed them once every 20 to 25 minutes. Giving puppies a large amount of food 3 times in a 24-hour sleeping cycle is not safe because pups have a simple digestion system. Their bellies are not capable of digesting too much food. Too much food may lead to swelling and stomach aches. 

So, create a plan that will include feeding them period, not too much nor too little. And, you can also create a small litter system for the pups to attend nature’s call. This litter system will work as a potty training regime for your little one. 

The food schedule for adult and older dogs are a bit different. 3 meals in a day are enough. Sometimes, even if you feed your dog 2 times. Try to serve the meal after every nap or before sleeping. Other than that, there are not so many routine feeding regimes for adult dogs. 

2. Monitor And Ensure Their Daily Activity:

Dog daily activity

Dogs can play a lot. But, some dogs become gloomy and dull for staying alone in the home. Without proper activities, your pet may suffer from many problems. They become depressed slowly. So, your dog must engage in many activities throughout the day. 

Moreover, these activities will work as a daily exercise and burn enough energy. Dogs that play a lot every day will sleep better than other less active dogs. Average hours of dogs sleep is determined by the overall activities of the entire day.  

Sometimes, owners do many jobs, which does not allow them to spend quality time with their pets. 

So, here are some ways to monitor, and at the same time ensuring your dog a good time when you are away: 

  • Dogs may be colorblind, but they will react to bright things. Let your dog watch TV. The bright light and shard sound of TV will stimulate your dog’s brains. 
  • Try to take your dog to the dog park once every 2/3 days. Going outside will help them to interact with different people and other dogs. If you are in a rough spot, then consider taking your dog on the weekends. 
  • Install a doggy gate in your main door for easy access to the outside. 
  • Provide your dog with enough toys to interact with so that they can be playful their alone times. 
  • You can use an activity tracker in color. 

Most importantly, spend quality time with your pet. No matter how much entertainment you provide to your dog at the end of the day, your loyal companion will always want to be with you. 

3. Determine Your Dog’s Sleeping Place:

Dog's Sleeping Place

Most dogs will sleep in any comfortable area. But, different dogs may tend to sleep in different places. Some dogs love to sleep with their owner’s bed others like to sleep on the couch. If trained properly, your dog may sleep outside. 

Where your dog will sleep is ultimately up to you, Yet you can consider some crucial points:

  • For small puppies, crates are the best option for sleeping. When they reach adulthood you can replace the crate with your house. 
  • If your dog does not disturb you in sleep, then let them sleep anywhere in the house.
  • Separate dog breeds have different ways to interact. So, let them make their sleeping decision. 
  • Some dogs are notably sensitive to loud noises. Also, they might feel anxious too. If you have this type of dog, then allow the dog to sleep in your bed with you. 
  • If your dog prefers sleeping with you and finds comfort, then let your friend sleep. It’s a sign of trust and obedience towards you. 

If you want to clean your dog bed easily then don’t forget to buy a washable dog bed. 

4. Dog’s Sleeping Positions:

Dog Sleeping position

While sleeping, dogs can sleep in different positions. These dog sleep positions can give you essential information about them. They also reveal different behavior patterns through these sleeping positions. Understanding these sleeping positions will help you to understand their sleeping patterns. 

5. Your Pet’s Sleeping Place Alternatives:

Pets Sleeping Place Alternatives

Dogs will sleep anywhere in the house. But, as a pet owner, it’s up to you how your pet will sleep. Some pets are naughty. They will sleep in some dirty areas in the house. Once this habit is permanent, it’s hard to lift. 

Moreover, an improper sleeping place may lead to unnecessary problems. They might feel less loved and adored. Pets react to our behaviors differently. Like humans, they feel sad and gloomy. 

Another thing is, allowing your dog to sleep with you always is problematic. You may need some little space all by yourself. Once in a while, sleeping with the owner may seem pleasant. Also, if you share your bed with someone, that person may feel uncomfortable. 

So, it’s better to give them a proper place to sleep. A dog bed is a perfect alternative to a couch or crate for sleeping. Modern dog sleeping beds can offer the most comfortable experience your dog can ever have. Most importantly, these beds are good for health too. 

Concluding on How Many Hours of Sleep do Dogs Need in a Day:

As a pet owner, having concerns about your dog is perfectly normal. But, now you know the sleeping patterns of your friend. 

Do dogs sleep a lot? Yes, they do. In some cases, dogs will change their sleeping rotations. You may encounter your dog waking up at night. But, if they maintain the normal sleeping cycle. 

We hope that you have found all the crucial information about dog sleeping behaviors. If you have any additional queries on how many hours of sleep do dogs need in a day, then let us know in the comments. Our experts will answer every question. Have a wonderful day. 

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