EliteField Dog Crate — Professionals Review in 2021

EliteField Dog Crate

“A dog is man’s best friend”. And this is true in so many ways. That is why you will see a lot of families and lone persons adopting dogs to keep them company and sometimes keep them safe.

 They treat dogs like family members. That is why they want a nice place for their dogs to sleep in. Whether it is to keep their dog confined when they’re away from home or they simply want to provide their dogs with a space to call their own, every dog needs a good crate.

Also, providing the dog a nice, safe, warm home will keep you safe. When you are away you will know they are not going to get in trouble. They can rest comfortably.

When you imagine a dog crate you probably imagine a rectangular contraption composed of metal wire. However, that is not the only kind of dog crate out there. There are of course many other types to consider and they each have their pros and cons. From plastic crates and soft-sided crates to heavy-duty and furniture crates.

So, we have done —  our research and found one of the best dog crates. We are going to dig into the details of the EliteField dog crate review and give you a full insight. So, keep reading.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home:

EliteField dog crate

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Don’t want to leave your dog at home? Or don’t like the look of a plastic, wire crate and you want something that will work well for travel? Then this is the perfect dog crate for you. It is on the softer side, that will come in handy when you are carrying when you go outdoors.

Also, if you have a smaller dog, then this type of create is the perfect fit for you. These crates tend to be light in weight and also very easy to store, though they can be more difficult to clean and may not withstand chewing or escape attempts.

That is why this is our top pick.

The crate is made from high-quality 600D fabric. Although the crate is very lightweight, however, it is surprisingly durable. It features hex mesh fabric side panels that offer 360-degree ventilation and visibility — they also double as doors for easy access.

When you buy the crate, you will a carrying bag for free along with a fleece bed that will surely add to its value. It also folds down to just 3 inches high for easy storage and transport.

The users have praised the quality of the construction and the convenience of the hand carrying straps and the free carry case. They have also said that the steel tube frame that is highly durable but lightweight, making this crate easy to transport.

Read a customer’s review here-

“—  Bought this crate for traveling originally. Used it a few times for that purpose, but also wound up using it when my dog was on crate rest following a leg surgery several months back. I like this crate. It’s definitely roomy. The material feels decently made and the frame is sturdy. The mat that comes with the crate isn’t the comfiest, so I recommend replacing it.

—  I see a lot of reviews about dogs chewing this crate up. If your dog is a puppy, a chewer, or an escape artist, DON’T gets them a soft-sided crate. From any brand. Soft-sided crates are best used for well-behaved dogs who are calm in the crate. My dog is well behaved and calm in the crate, I have had no issues with the fabric, mesh, or zippers. It survived three grand mal seizures no problem. AGAIN, if your dog is a puppy, a chewer, or an escape artist, DO NOT GET A SOFT SIDED CRATE. Of any brand!”


  • The crate is made with Durable 600D fabric
  • You will also find hex mesh fabric side panels for ventilation and visibility
  • This crate is made for traveling. So, it is extremely lightweight
  • You can easily fold it flat
  • Three doors for easy access
  • The crate comes in — five sizes along with many colors
  • The crate comes with a carrying bag and fleece bed
  • Also, you will get a removable washable cover.


  • As the crate is on the softer side, it may not withstand heavy chewing or hyperactive dogs
  • Also, the zipper may break or separate with rough handling
  • Although it’s rare, the folding mechanism may stick sometimes.


Is the bottom of the crate or the pad waterproof? Do I need to buy a liner of some kind for a puppy?

Ans: The Pad itself is Waterproof. However, the floor of the crate itself is just like the other walls of the crate, but in a different color(black).

This product says that it has three doors but no one mentions a door at the end. Does this crate have a door that zips out on the end panel?

Ans: Yes, there is a door. End, Side, Top.

Does it have a firm bottom so it can be used as a carrier for a short time?

Ans: The bottom of the crate is soft, so it can’t be used as a carrier. You can carry it but not with the dog inside.

Does this crate have sun shades to cover the mesh?

Ans: The black EliteField 3-door soft crate doesn’t have curtains, but EliteField 4-door soft crates have curtains.

Does it come with hooks or something to secure it with the car seat belts?

Ans: No, It does not have a specific loop for a seat belt but I put the seat belt thru one of the carryon handles

How much does the crate weigh?

Ans: The crate is so lightweight that even 70 years old can pick it up.

Is the top of the crate solid or mesh fabric?

Ans: The top of the crate is mesh fabric.

Is the top opening zip or velcro closure?

Ans: The top opening zips closed. This is the opening to access the set-up and takedown. All zippers are the same heavy-duty.

EliteField Dog Crate Review Over to You:

Phew! That was the end of the crate review. We hope you can get a better idea and now it will be much easier for you to — make decisions to buy one for your new puppy.

Here is another factor that if you are worried about your budget and puppy then don’t think the second time. This is the greatest option. It’s better to buy a sturdy one at a good price rather than buy puppy stuff regularly.

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