10 Dog Sleeping Positions with Owner that Reveals their Personality

Dog Sleeping Positions with Owner

Dogs are fuzzy mammals that love to lick and cuddle their owners. Their free spirit and joyous nature influence others to love them. 

But, this nature develops through peace and sound sleep. If your dog doesn’t behave rationally, it means that your dog has sleeping issues or got scared of something. 

These sleeping issues, such as insomnia, can lead dogs to many other difficulties. Dogs expose these problems through sleeping positions and precise movements. 

Especially dog sleeping positions with owner can give you a lot of interesting information about them. Dogs having insomniac problems often throbs in their sleep, pacing, and may show restlessness. 

In this article, we will elaborate on everything you need to know about dog sleeping positions.

What Dogs Reveal About Their Owners while Sleeping with them?

Other than loyalty, dogs can have many complex emotions towards their owner. This bonding will develop from a young age and remains unchanged for the rest of its life, even if the owner behaved wrong with the dog. 

Dogs always want to stay with their owners; especially dogs feel much more comfortable near their masters than sleeping alone. 

Most dog owners share their bed with their pet, claims a study authorized by Itchpet.com. Their research data informs more about the dog sleeping positions with owner.

They found out owners feel less alone while their pet is close to them, and dogs feel more secure and safe near their owner. Most of the owners, according to research, allowed their pets to sleep in the same bed. 

The best part is equal sharing of beds informing that the owners potty trained their pets. This belief of safety about their pets also influences the owners to let their pets sleep in the bed. 

So, dogs reveal these core components while sleeping or staying near their owners- 

  • Dogs see their owners as a parent material while sleeping with them. 
  • A belief in safety engaged dogs to sleep with their owners. 
  • Sleeping near their owners is a sign of loyalty for dogs. 
  • To withstand rough weather, dogs sleep with their masters. 

But, these components are nothing compared to trust. A dog will only stay and sleep with the person it trusts the most. 

10 Dog Sleeping Positions Dog and their Purpose (According to Researchers) 

These dog sleeping positions are well-known to pet-owners, yet some forms are unfamiliar with even the veteran dog owners, such as dog sleeping positions when sick. 

One interesting thing is, some of these dog sleeping positions will also explain their nature and breed. 

1) Octopus (Crazy lags):

Dog sleeping -Octopus Style

Dogs sleep in many peculiar positions. But, no other sleeping position is weird than this one. You are sleeping ordinarily in the bed. Suddenly, your dog lied down beside you and covered the entire bed. 

It feels like he is the boss of the bed now. While doing so, your adored pet is twisting its body continuously, making your resting phase a disaster. Most of the time, before waking up for the office, I find myself in this situation. My dog completely took over the bed, and me trying hard not to fall to the ground. 

This dilemma is pretty standard for pet owners. The octopus position is more compared to the animal variant of a human starfish. The mornings are the perfect times when dogs want to be with their owners the most. 

But, if you are incautious to your dog, then your furry friend will lose interest in no time. That’s one way to defend yourself from friendly, heart-warming naughty love. 


  • Maybe the dog wants some extra attention. 
  • Displays inoffensive and playful behavior to attract the owner.  
  • Your dog only wants to be in the right spot. 
  • Spreading legs is a sign of cooling the body temperature. 

2) Awareness (Superhero):

Superhero style sleeping Position

This sleeping position is pretty natural for all types of dogs, especially for a sleeping puppy. Your dog lies flat to the bed surface with its belly without disturbing you. Its limbs are stretched forwards. Sprawling out in the bed lets them cover their belly surface. 

However, awareness position is also a sign of protectiveness towards their owners. This position allows them to hear and react to outside happenings fast. 

Most of the time, dogs love to sleep in this position. It’s not that disturbing for dog owners and totally bearable. This position also indicates that your dog is in a mood to play with you. 


  • Dogs want to conserve heat to the belly surface in sleep.  
  • To detect noises from outside. 
  • They don’t want to disturb their master while sleeping. 
  • The fastest way to get all the belly rubs in the morning. 

3) Curled Up (Donut):

Puppy Curled Up sleeping position

Young pups and middle-aged dogs like to adopt this sleeping position. Short breeds such as beagles, pugs, chihuahuas love this sleeping position. Long and large dogs do not adopt this position because of their size. That’s why older dogs need extra love and support from their owners. 

Your dog will curl up its body towards the belly and remain in this position while asleep. Moreover, they will also cover the ears to hear less sound from outside. 

The central purpose of this sleeping position is to conserve as much body heat as possible. Even natural animals in the wild adopt this position to survive in the rough weather. 

If you have a younger dog that imitates this position often, then cover its body with a warm blanket. 


  • This position helps them to hear less sound from outside. 
  • Dogs feel more relaxed and comfortable in this position. 
  • It wants to protect the fundamental parts of its body.
  • Shows the signs of sadness, playful and cheerful behavior to attract its owner. 

4) The Side-Sleeper:

Dog side sleeper sleeping style

One of the most common positions for dogs is the side-sleeping position. Often, while resting alone or sleeping with you, they imitate this position. The side sleeping position is not actually sleeping, but the best way to relax. 

While sleeping with you, your dog will sleep on one side of its back and spread its legs forward. 

This position indicates that your pup trusts its surroundings and is not worried about its environment. Most dog breeds will adopt this position whether they are with their owner or alone. Sleeping on their side allows them to relieve stress more quickly than usual. 

Side-sleeping also means your pup trusts you a lot and is raised to be more owner dependent. 


  • Sleeping on the side helps to lessen pressure on the body. 
  • It’s a sign that your dog is happy with its surroundings. 

5) Top of the Head: 

Puppy top of the head sleeping position

Dogs love to stay close to their owners. Sometimes owners don’t like company. After a long day of the working period, all you need is some me-time. But, your golden-retriever might not give you that opportunity. At least, it’s better than a dog sleeping on its back. 

If your dog doesn’t get the chance to sleep beside you, then it may sleep on top of your head or the side pillow. This position indicates how much your dog loves you. Snoozing on top of the head also allows them to sniff you more. 

Some dogs may even get so used to this position, even if they grow older, this behavior never changes. 


  • Your dog only wants to stay with you. 
  • Dogs love the extra softness provided by the pillow. 

6) Cuddler (Cuddlebag):

Puppy Cuddler style sleeping position

The cuddle bag sleeping position is one of the most enjoyable puppy sleeping positions. Large breeds such as husky, golden retriever, and mastiff are also fond of this sleeping position. 

Just like small babies, the cuddler sleeping position lets your pet get closer to your face and listen to your heartbeat. 

Your pet will sleep between your arms comfortably. Small puppies adopt this position when they are in a group. Because pups can barely generate heat from their bodies so, when they are together, they can create enough heat to endure rough weather. 

If your dog cuddles with you during sleep, it’s a sign that your dog thinks of you as another dog. It believes you as a mother or father figure. Your furry friend may change the sleeping spot, which depends on body movements while sleeping. 


  • Sleeping together generates heat and warmth, which ensures comfort. 
  • Your dog wants your full attention, even in sleep. 
  • Gaining your trust by sleeping closest to you in the bed. 

7) In Between (The Wall):

Puppy Wall style sleeping

No animals in the world want more attention than dogs. They are just cute-cuddling monsters, which only want their owners to like them and no one else. For a dog, the owner’s attention and love are everything. A dog will never be happy to share its owner with someone or something else. 

So, the best way to secure affection is sleeping right in the middle of you and your partner. This way you will give all the attention to your pet and will remain divided from your partner. Talk about diplomacy. 

Sometimes, the wall position may exchange with a cuddle bug position for more comfort. You may even find yourself warped up with your pet in the morning. 

If your dog is often displaying this position, then it is a sign of dominance and affection. It may also mean jealousy or favoritism towards your other partner. 

But, you don’t have to be concerned, because dogs don’t love one position in their entire sleep time. If they feel uncomfortable, they will change their sleeping position accordingly. 


  • Sleeping in between gives them a secure feeling over their surroundings. 
  • It’s an instinct that was developed from birth. 

8) Foot Captain:

Dog sleeping Foot Captain style

This one is pretty common for bulldogs. Dogs are the most loyal companions in the world. 

The foot captain position is when you sleep close to your feet. Rather than sleeping beside you, your dogs prefer sleeping at the top of the foot. Most dog breeds love to sleep close to their owners. But, if there is no place in the bed, then sleeping beside the foot feels responsible for them.

Usually, our feet stay pretty close to the bed’s edge. Sleeping in that spot allows the dog a quick exit from the bed. 

Moreover, This may also benefit you in potty training. Mammals can poop 2 to 3 times at night. When your companion needs to go, all it needs to lick your foot to signal you. 

Many pet owners influence their dogs to sleep beside the pet for potty training because this makes the process faster and easier. 


  • Being loyal to you. 
  • Showing affection 

9) Burrower (Under-Cover):

Puppy Sleeping under cover

Dogs that have less fur to cover their skins often tend to sleep under blankets and bed covers. Even furry dogs love to dig their way inside the comfort. Dogs will do anything for superior sleeping comfort. 

Moreover, they can hold their body heat for a long time while inside the blanket. From birth, small puppies often cuddle each other while sleeping. Their bodies work as a protective shield. This early instinct is also a reason for dogs to go under the soft fabrics. 

Dogs that often sleep under your blanket is a sign of trust and obedience. Also, pets love to hide in dark and narrow areas. Going under the blanket gives them a definite chance to sneak. You may even get surprised once in a while by the hiding habit of your pet. 

The familiar scent of the owner is another reason why your dog loves to go under your sheet. 


  • The warm feeling of a soft and squishy feeling of sheet influences dogs to go under there. 
  • Dogs can get extra attention while they are inside the blanket. 

10) Top of the Belly Position:

Dog top of the Belly sleeping Position

This position is pretty rare for all types of dogs. But, some dogs love this position. 

While sleeping, your dog suddenly ascended in your stomach and cuddled in your belly. Grown-up dogs may lay on your stomach. The only problem with this position is the comfort of the owner. The good thing is dogs do not hold this position for a long time. 

If you have a larger breed in your house, then try to discourage your dog. Once this habit is permanent, it will be hard to remove. 

But if you have a small dog breed like a Chihuahua, Pug, or Maltese, then do not discourage. Your dog will feel like it has been rejected by its owner and may display aggression. After they sleep, gently put them down on the side. 

The reason for this sleeping position is unknown. But maybe a comfortable feeling has something to do with it. 

Some Thoughts from the Author:

I was not a dog lover. Having a pet didn’t make any sense to me. As an introvert, I liked to live alone. But, a year ago, my elder sister adopted a female Maltese puppy. She was so cute and white, so we name her Dany from GOT(Game of Thrones) character Daenerys Targaryen. 

For work reasons, she was living away from us. She was unable to look after Dany because of an aggressive working schedule. 

So, she left Dany with us. After she left, Dany became too dependent on me. She usually cries whenever I go somewhere. I am not a dog lover, so for me, it was annoying. I looked at her as another animal living in my house, which was so cruel. 

But, a few months ago, I changed for one peculiar incident. I sleep in my room alone by locking the door so no one can enter from outside. One day I forgot to close the door, which led Dany to sneak into my room. 

I was sleeping peacefully, and suddenly she jumped into my bed to sleep with me. I was totally shocked by this behavior. Later, when I asked my sister about this, she said it’s normal for a dog to sleep with its owner. 

For my sister’s sake, I had to allow Dany to sleep in my bed. Slowly I was getting used to this. 

Now, I can’t sleep without my friend. I feel so protected and calm for having a roaming dog in the bed. She uses different sleeping positions while sleeping with me.  

So, I thought, why don’t I make a journal for these sleeping positions. This journal may help you a lot in understanding the behavior of your dog. 

Concluding on Dog Sleeping Positions with Owner:

Well, your dog may love to sleep with you all the time. But, it is better to have some me-time once in a while. So, choosing a big comfortable dog bed doesn’t seem wasted. 

However, if you are satisfied with your pet like me, then try to sleep with your friend often. Sleeping with your dog will only make it more loyal and obedient towards you.  

Dogs trust other people by smelling. Sleeping with your pet makes you and your pet’s bond more powerful. 

Tell us some experience with your dog. Was it uncomfortable or peaceful? 

If you have any questions about dog sleeping positions with owner, then let us know in the comments section. You can sign up for our newsletter for more upcoming articles like this.

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