10 Best Electric Dog Fence 2021 [Expert Choice]

Best Electric Dog Fence

DogLoom has reviewed the best electric fence for dogs in the market. We have carefully inspected the key features, value for money, ease of installation and battery life of the top performing gadgets.

Once you start digging into the products, you will literally be glued to the subject matter. If you are in pursuit of the best performer, cheapest offers, utmost adjustability and nuanced issues, we invite you to keep digging.

What is a wireless dog fence?

An electric dog fence refers to an enclosure system that puts up some kind of hindrance whenever the puppy is about to storm out of a pre-fixed zone.

The enclosure could be a wireless arrangement or a wired system that basically identifies and activates the inner area. The prevention mechanism comes into fruition in the form of vibration or pinching shock via a dog collar.

As the dog nears the periphery of the demarcated zone at any corner, right then and there the shock demoralises her desire to go farther. Thus the pup learns the value of maintaining the boundary as it is, to stay safe from an unpleasant experience on the neck.

Whether you go on frequent camping or sit home tight, you will see an ideal device tailored to your requirements right here.

Garmin Multi-Dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device:

Garmin Multi-Dog Tracking

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Accuracy, weatherproof touch screen and Rescue Mode battery defines Garmin tracking device. This is the best device by far that one could have desired for. Garmin GPS dog tracking mechanism functions in cohesion with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology.

Specs: Brand- Garmin, Weight- 1.176 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium-ion.

Type: Wireless.

Range: 9 miles or 14.5 km.

Alert type: 18 levels of tone & vibration.

Shock system: Manual.

Correction adjustability: It offers low, medium & high shock features. Due to intensity, high shock could demoralize the dog in an instant.

Waterproof: Up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Portability: Extremely mobile.

Dog size: TT-15 & TT-15 mini models respectively for large and small distances.

Dog number: Up to 20 at a time.

Area configuration: Customizable circumference.

Warranty: One year limited warranty.

DogLoom opinion: A great dog lover will not get any better deal than Garmin Alpha Bundle 100. It genuinely submits an all round performance before you. We appreciate it for its all weather functionality, great coverage, nuanced accuracy and versatile features. All its negligible shortcomings are not adequate enough to dethrone it from the top.


  1. The device stops functioning outside the USA.
  2. Poor user interface wastes time as finding the useful options may be bewildering.
  3. Offers low battery life though it recharges pretty quickly.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System:

PetSafe Wireless Fence

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Notably, renters will find it suitable for their cause with its limited coverage area. Maintaining its impeccable reputation in the pet world, PetSafe has brought you an incredibly cheap pet barrier with all the sweetest privileges.

As they move a lot, it flawlessly adjusts to their requirements. Frequent RVing and camping calls for one of these devices.

Specs: Brand- PetSafe, Weight- 0.8 pound, Batteries- 1 Lithium metal battery..

Type: Wireless.

Range: ½ acre circular zone.

Alert type: Sound only.

Shock system: Automatic for 5 seconds at 30 second interval until the dog behaves.

Correction adjustability: Five levels of static correction to exclusively fit your puppy.

Waterproof: Completely waterproof.

Portability: Best portable wireless dog barrier.

Dog size: Fits on all dogs with neck size 6-28 inches.

Dog number: Unlimited pets.

Area configuration: Additional compatible base unit expands area of coverage. Also, you can reduce the area down to 5 feet with a few strokes of your finger.

Warranty: One year.

DogLoom opinion: Easy installation and water resistance characterizes this one. We love that the dog returns without being corrected in case she makes it out of the boundary.

Amazingly, the receiver collar battery even lasts up to two months at a stretch. On a note of caution, the transmitter must be put away from large metal objects. Moreover, place it close to a level, the dog’s height, at what it will function.

In a word, this machine frees your imagination from other scraps if you go low on budget. Its lightweight feature is extra useful for frequent outgoers. Buddy up with your dog using the top performing invisible pet fence.


  1. Even the lowest shock might be too much for your dog. Check it out.
  2. Ground obstructions could snap the signal, leaving it invalidated in certain areas.

SportDOG In-Ground Fence Systems:

 SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

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If you are looking for the best of both underground and wireless pet fence systems, you must pay extra attention to the prospects of SportDOG.

You may take the remote trainer for all outdoor activities. SportDOG has been around since 2003 with a number of best selling electronic dog-training items.

They outline the pet goods in perfect coordination to meet your everyday needs. This device can even surround a 100 acre land property.

Specs: Brand- SportDOG, Weight- 11 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium-ion.

Type: Hybrid, underground & remote training. 

Range: Underground system covers 100 acres & the remote sends signals up to 500 yards away.

Alert type: Vibration & tone.

Protection: Built-in lightning protection.

Modes: Containment only, training only and containment + training. 

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability: 7 levels of static corrections.

Waterproof: Both the collar and the remote function respectively 10 and 25 feet below water.

Portability: The remote serves outdoor activities & the in-ground installation remains fixed.

Dog size: 10 pounds and above.

Dog number: Expandable to unlimited number of dogs with additional collars.

Area configuration: Initial kit offers wire for 1⅓  acres and it is expandable, thanks to the strong transmitter.

Warranty: Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Fast, strong and athletic dogs such as Labs, Goldens, Pitbulls, etc are looking for this containment device. SportDOG has produced amazing results with it.

This one performs equally in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind regardless of the weather conditions. It ensures utmost freedom for the puppy within the stipulated boundary.  An intelligent dog will easily catch up with its training method.

In case you want the dog to pass over an area, just twist the wire and that section will stop providing corrections. The wire must run at least 5 feet away from metal objects to send proper signals. Interestingly, the wire works both in-ground and above ground, depending upon your preference. 


  1. The kit wire is lightweight & you may change it for a heavy duty alternative.
  2. Unless the wire is topnotch, the area coverage may shrink.
  3. Collar glitches are real in some instances leaving the dog screaming in ceaseless pain.

PetSafe Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs:

Waterproof Invisible Dog Fence

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The specialty lies in tough dog handling, great protection and outstanding coverage. Handling a tough pet needs a trusted hand right by your side.

Well, look no more. PetSafe has captured the popular imagination with a neat machine customized to serve you. About ¾ acre of circular range is perfect for a small home. In case you are a constant camper or trekker or traveler, it proposes utmost portability.

Specs: Brand- PetSafe, Weight- 6 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium-ion.

Type: Wireless.

Range: ¾ acre circular area.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability: Five levels of electric shocks.

Waterproof: Waterproof collar.

Portability: Highly mobile.

Dog size: 6-28 inches of neck size and dogs above 5 pounds.

Dog number: Requires extra collars to add pets.

Area configuration: By adding up to 3 base units, you can substantially expand the area. It even pitches ‘front yard only’ or ‘back yard only’ modes.

Warranty: One year manufacturer’s warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Pragmatic design of this top dog fence has drawn our attention. No need to busy yourself with wiring and installation hassles. Just finish setup within 1-2 hours, click and go to manage your high tempered puppy. Static free reentry makes it easy for the unyielding pets to return inside the enclosure.

However, the transmitter must always be housed indoors in a climate-controlled, weatherproof, well-ventilated area. The rechargeable battery lasts for 2-5 weeks and it finishes recharging within 2-4 hours. Snap collar goes on and off like a breeze. 


  1. Extraordinarily stubborn dogs may not be deterred with this fence.
  2. Metal buildings or roofs ditch the signal system.
  3. The boundary might vary to some extent.

PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence:

Battery-Operated In-Ground Dog Fence

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It comes with a medium price range but a stellar on-field performance. Ultimate safe play zone is the goal of PetSafe and your puppy enjoys absolute liberty under its full-spectrum security.

Specs: Brand- PetSafe, Weight- 7 pounds, Batteries- Lithium-ion.

Type: Underground.

Range: ⅓ acre.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability:  5 levels of electric corrections.

Waterproof: Complete waterproof as well as rechargeable collar & transmitter.

Portability: Fully portable.

Dog size: Neck size 6-26 inches & dogs weighing beyond 5 pounds.

Dog number: Unlimited pets.

Area configuration: Additional wire & flags can raise the area to 1.4 acres.

Warranty: 1 year warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Correction free reentry allows to retract the mistakes barring extra hassles. The machine costs you fewer bucks than many other choices.

Yet it provides top drawer performance all the way. You know street side homes need extra security but you are unwilling to spend a fortune as well. It exclusively fits the bill for you.


  1. Transmitter battery not included.
  2. In rare instances, it zaps out of the blue.

SportDOG GPS Tracking Systems:

SportDOG GPS Tracking Systems

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Extreme wild lovers and multiple pet owners are now free from all worries. Your dog runs and chases like nothing else and he is always somewhere and up to something.

From now on, shed your concerns altogether with this 10 mile range dog fence. Unprecedentedly, you can use one of the 99 levels of static corrections to get the puppy back to reality.

Specs: Brand- SportDOG, Weight- 3.5 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium-ion.

Type: Wireless.

Range: 10 miles.

Alert type: Tone & vibration.

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability: 99 levels.

Waterproof: Submersible GPS collar & handheld device can dive up to 25 feet.

Portability: Designed for mobility.

Dog number: Offers 21 pet’s locations at a time.

Area configuration: Not expandable.

Preloaded maps: 100,000 preloaded topographical maps.

Warranty: Two year non transferrable limited warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Hunters, wilderness lovers regularly resort to its stunning usefulness. People, with a lot of pets, can effortlessly keep track of their companion animals.

We love its versatile capacities and functional independence from cell phone towers. The device draws map data from GPS satellites and not cell phone services.

So you are basically never losing the puppy. Built to beat weather in the field, heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind.


  1. Maximum range varies depending on terrain, vegetation and weather.
  2. Battery lasts for about 24 hours which is comparatively less than its competitors.

PetSafe Wireless Fence for Dogs:

Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs

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If wire installation is too much for you, you should consider this wireless device. It pledges a coverage of about ¾ acre and 22-105 feet distance. Legendary PetSafe brand brings it in for small homes.

Specs: Brand- PetSafe, Weight- , Batteries- CR123A lithium.

Type: Wireless.

Range: ¾ acre circular coverage.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability: 5 levels of shock corrections.

Waterproof: Waterproof & rechargeable collar.

Portability: Highly mobile.

Dog size: 6-28 inches of neck size & dogs beyond 5 pounds.

Dog number: Extra collars allows several dogs.

Area configuration: Larger wireless fence requires additional transmitters.

Warranty: One year warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Simple setup mechanism defines it and the process costs you only 1-2 hours and you are ready to go. It is ideal for RVing, camping, traveling and ceaseless outgoers.

At home, you can randomly let the dog out. An invisible fence mechanism fends the puppy off of outside danger. Stubborn dogs quickly learn the value of remaining inside. Amazingly, the rechargeable battery serves for about 3-4 years.


  1. The device cannot navigate uneven areas and often provides inconsistent signals.
  2. Occasionally, shows deceptive boundaries.

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence:

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence

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Despite having a tricky installation mechanism, it has won many hearts. You can safeguard large properties and act frugally at the same time, installing the top performing dog barrier in the market.

Pet lovers fall for the Safety-Shutoff Feature as it automatically turns off over-correction. This set of underground barrier and e-collar comes at the lowest price without compromising on the qualitative grounds.

Specs: Brand- Sit Boo-Boo, Weight- 4.5 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium polymer.

Type: Hybrid, in-ground & remote training.

Range: 20 acres.

Alert type: Tone & Vibration.

Shock system: Both automatic & manual.

Correction adjustability: Multiple levels of corrections.

Waterproof: Submersible collar.

Portability: Extremely mobile.

Dog size: Above 8 pounds.

Dog number: 3 dogs.

Area configuration: 

Surge protection: In-built.

Proximity adjustment: 1-15 feet from boundary.

Warranty: One year replacement warranty.

DogLoom opinion: We find this to be an attractive deal because of its hybrid functionality together with the remarkable money back policy.

One cannot but appreciate the lifetime warranty. The precise signals along with superior control, without digging too deep into the pockets, make it to your home.

Large area containment gives your pet genuine freedom. Considering the cheap price, you will have a hard time finding a suitable competitor to it.


  1. Battery power rapidly dissipates at training mode, normally within a day or two.
  2. Transmitter range may fall shy due to difficult terrain

  1. From walmart:

Premier Pet Wireless Fence:

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

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Here comes another popular low budget pet fence. Small area containment together with premium functions has propelled its demand. Adjustable static corrections propose a humane treatment of the puppy.

Specs: Brand- Premier Pet, Weight- , Batteries- 6v lithium fence battery.

Type: Wireless.

Range: ½ acre circular boundary.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system: Automatic.

Correction adjustability: 5 levels of static correction.

Waterproof: Waterproof collar.

Portability: Movable.

Dog size: Above 8 pounds.

Dog number: Extra collars allow extra pets.

Area configuration: Another transmitter gives 30 feet of expansion.

Warranty: 1 year non transferable limited warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Most importantly, the tone and shock stops 30 seconds after the dog oversteps the boundary. Unlike many other fences, it comes with both small and long contact points.

Simple maintenance and installation requires no outside help. Apart from frequent battery purchases, you will enjoy the best technology at limited prices.


  1. Needs specialized batteries from this company only.
  2. Non rechargeable battery leads to one purchase each month.

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence:

Underground Electric Pet Fence System

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If you are gonna go all basic and nothing else, this should be the charm for you. It fits small homes with only ⅓ acre area. This underground system even takes cats into the equation.

Specs: Brand- PetSafe, Weight- 5 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium metal.

Type: In-ground.

Range: ⅓ acre.

Alert type: Tone only.

Shock system:

Correction adjustability: 4 levels of electric corrections.

Waterproof: Waterproof collar.

Portability: Not portable.

Dog size: 6-26 inches of neck size and above 8 pounds.

Dog number: Needs additional receiver collars for extra pets.

Area configuration: Supplementary wire allows 5 acres of yard.

Warranty: One year warranty.

DogLoom opinion: Top notch dog fences never come at low prices. This is a rare one to offer that opportunity. Expandable area, additional pet inclusion, waterproof collar and the warranty terms really melts our heart in its favor. There are some inevitable low price flaws that you must accept.

In case you are not into fancy purchases but the most elementary things, it is an ideal choice for you.


  1. High prey drive dogs (Huskies) never mind it if they go headstrong.
  2. Wire occasionally breaks down at points of weaknesses.
  3. No surge protection.

Why the invisible dog containment system?

Physical fences have long lost its appeal to the dog owners due to maintenance issues and a number of pragmatic reasons. It bars your outside views and eventually, the dog might dig a tunnel underneath anyway with a desperate aim to escape or chase.

To wipe out these concerns, there is barely any feasible alternative to an electric dog fence. However, we should weigh in the privileges at stake, to make an informed decision.

Cost effective: Invisible pet fences go way cheaper than traditional fences. You can finish purchasing and installing it within as low as $100. And if you wish to be a bit fancy, you can get it done within $700.

Contrarily, a simple chain link fence may cost you anywhere in between $1500-7500. It could run as high as $15000 in case you want a wooden one for about half an acre of land.

Breezy maintenance: Electric dog fence, especially the best wireless fences for dogs, could genuinely be a source of pleasure for you.

The ease of operations cannot be translated into language if we put an above-ground fence against the digital dog containment system. Occasional battery replacements and once in a lifetime repairment might be enough.

Landscape: The value of beauty stands apart when it boils down to your home and property. Things, you raise on the land, could positively impact the outlook or spoil it altogether.

Let’s face it, an awkward physical fence is in fact the worst structure to kill off the natural aura of your place. An in-ground pet fence system, on the other hand, keeps the landscape intact.

What are the types of electric dog fences?

You can choose either a wireless or an in-ground dog fence for your puppy. We have respectively laid out the pros and cons of these choices along with our expert preferences.

Wireless barrier systems:

Wireless fence relies on GPS or radio signals to identify the demarcated zone. It coordinates a constant communication with one or several dog collars. The invisible barrier runs 360 degree of the yard based on radio frequency, using a transmitter. It allows the dog to run everywhere except for the edges.


  • Easy installation: Smooth installation takes after your heart. Needs no digging, wires or additional hands. Full setup can be finished within an hour or two.
  • Portability: Its unprecedented popularity is greatly swayed by portability. With it, family tours, camping and hiking could be more enjoyable.
  • Simple customization: Adjustable periphery or boundary is a superb advantage. Customization takes just a few seconds and it certainly gives you a real upperhand.


  • Signal obstruction: In some rare instances, radio or signal interference could trigger operational hazards. Besides, trees, hills and uneven grounds are challenges to the expected outcomes as well. They repel straight-lined radio frequency and hinder the process of boundary formation.
  • Property shape: Apart from circular boundaries, it has little use. If your land has triangular or odd shapes, the machine becomes pretty invalid as the boundary oversteps into your neighbor’s property. Currently, there are a few wireless puppy fences effectively addressing this issue with precise customization options. However, it may fluctuate anyway regardless of these privileges.

Wired dog barrier:

A string of wire goes underground and this cable line actually sets up a barrier for your dog. The cables circle around the periphery and get connected to the main transmitter.

The dog collar receives input from the transmitter whenever the puppy makes a close call to the boundary  or the buried wire line. The wire could be placed above the ground as well. However, it has risks and damage issues to look out for. So people are really not into it too much.


  • Suits all land shapes: No matter whether you have an odd or even shaped land, you can go for underground dog fences. Especially, bending the wire across the long yards, gardens, danger zones and all other exclusions are permissible with it.
  • Solid signal: Signal fluctuation is no more your concern. It emits stable signals and does not misread the on-field situations.
  • Transmitter installation: The placement of the transmitter need not be in the middle of the area. Rather, it could be anywhere including the garage and it does not matter. In case of wireless transmitters, it has a great bearing upon the performance of the machine, in terms of area coverage.


  • Digging: The excavation takes place right into the heart of the yard and is not a preferred option for many.
  • Professional assistance: Most probably, you will not do it all by yourself as it requires some expert handling. So you have to hire a professional hand.
  • Permanent installation: It is kind of a fixed installation and you can neither enlarge nor minimize the encircling area on whims. Rewiring might once again cost you a few bucks.
  • Mechanical failure: In case of mechanical failure such as loop damage or breakage, the system totally shuts down and requires repairment.
  • Not portable: Contrary to the wireless dog containment systems, hybrid dog barriers are not portable.

How does an electric dog fence function?

The functionality of the invisible dog fence runs quite easy. Let’s break it down.


Basically, an underground pet fence structure contains two units-

  • The transmitter, connected to the in-ground wire.
  • The dog collar or the receiver. 

The transmitter sources electronic current from an outlet of your home and maintains a handy connection with the collar, by emitting signals. It reads the distance between the dog collar and the wire to either activate or put down the signalling system. The buried wire is also fully connected with the transmitter.


Whenever the dog heads to the edges of the underground wire, the dormant collar springs into action, upon picking up a direct message from the signal emitter.

Initially, the collar makes a warning sound or beep to let the dog back down. If she does not withdraw and continues advancing towards the boundary, she gets an electric shock on the neck. This shock is called electronic correction or static correction.

For wireless dog fences, the travel distance of the radio signal, emanating from the transmitter, is subject to your control via a switch or a dial. This range forms the edge of the boundary, normally in a circular path. Similar to an in-ground system, the edges of this signal works just like the wire.

Collar selection:

The dog collar type has a telling effect on the performance of the whole arrangement. Long or short coats determine the type of collar your dog needs. The electronic correction is not a powerful one to harm the dog.

It only startles her, on a tiny little scale. Therefore, you must carefully mount the collar on the neck of the puppy and make sure that the bulging contact points or contact probes are properly touching her skin, making way through the hair.

To put it simply, short or long coats respectively need short or long probes. Small contact points are barely useful for a heavy and thick coated dog as they fail to make the amount of impact necessary to prevent the puppy from heading in and out of the zone.

How to train a puppy for an electric dog fence?

An invisible pet fence means nothing unless the dog undergoes proper training and recognizes the boundary. It must be familiarized with the beep tone, static correction and the periphery. You have a huge responsibility in this respect. The training process usually takes several weeks. Initiating good behavior and correcting bad ones could trigger a happy relationship with the puppy. Now, prepare yourself for the best dog training for electric fences.

In case, you are planning on squarely relying on the system alone, you are wrong. The dog does not get the underlying message of the shock or the sound and in some instances, they grow a fear of the yard. This frightfulness might even immobilize their spontaneous activities and keep them stuck inside the house daylong, leaving them completely exhausted and bored. Luckily, the fence system brings in a full set of tools together with a training outline. Let’s check out the ins and outs of the dog training program.

  • Flag up: Raise the flags at the perimeter that come along with the pet barrier system. Flags visibly mark the area that the dogs can easily follow because they have a strong sense of boundary.
  • Tone only phase: Walk with the puppy along the boundary by setting the system exclusively on tone. Do not use shock at this level. You may put a leash on her for smooth walks across the intended lines. Whenever the collar beeps, retreat a few steps to a safe zone and immediately give her a treat with praises. Continue it for days and even weeks as long as it takes for the dog to maintain a certain distance from the flags. Leave her alone and reinforce this aloofness from the fences by treating her well if she behaves in an expected manner.
  • Electronic correction stage: After she masters the art of keeping out of the danger zone, you can introduce the shock mechanism. Again, use a leash and let her go close to the flags. Bring her back if she is repulsed by the correction. Appreciate her with lavish treats. Continue approaching the flags until she grabs the idea. It takes time for the idea to sit in the canine brain. Keep walking and making intentional breaches to break the resolve of the dog.
  • Test level: This is the time for some lure and distractions. Throw a ball or treat close by the flags and examine her behavior. If she leaves the toy alone, she has learnt her lesson. Reinforce this good behavior frequently. 
  • Lastly: Depending on the test outcome, you may set the dog off leash in the yard and gradually remove the visual markers.

Short training sessions yield better results. Do not exceed 10-15 minutes of session at a time. In case you notice stress in the puppy, forget the training and initiate a play. Patience is the ultimate key to unlock the desired output in this training. You may also watch a bunch of YouTube videos on dog containment systems to draw from other useful resources.

What factors to consider in a dog fence system?

You must take into account several issues before making up your mind about the top invisible dog fences. We have detailed those points in this discussion.

Range: Electric pet fences offer a maximum range of support. Intended dog movement areas and the transmission range should be parallel. However, there are a number of automatic dog barriers that offer expandable range options to meet your specific requirements. Wireless fence range may fluctuate along with the variations in temperature, pressure and humidity.

Replacement collars, wiring & batteries: Some devices include expensive collars and batteries. In case one gets damaged, the replacement could cost a pretty penny. You have to change the batteries every 2-4 months. Cheaper choices slashes down the maintenance budget. On the other hand, 14 or 16 gauge wire is more sustainable than 20 gauge ones because of their essential toughness of construction. To put it simply, the thicker the wire, the more resilient it is.

Waterproof: The wireless dog fences are especially destined to move around a lot. Waterproof properties are highly appreciated. Even the best underground pet defences also introduce impermeable features. The collar will of course roam around with the dog and it must offer heavy duty water prevention. The transmitter could be affected by excessive moisture and so the same waterproof rule applies to it. 

Hindrances: Metal blocks, doors, trees, uneven lands and other hard objects can obstruct wireless signal transmission. If the landscape contains these interferences, you better opt for an underground wired system.

Age and weight of the puppy: Low body mass and under age of the dog acts against this device. Manufacturers prefer not using one of these shock tools on those little puppies. Minimum 6 months of age is a bare precondition for the puppy to learn the complex underlying lessons. Otherwise, it is just a meaningless torture.

Breed: Learning, body size, and sensitivity depends on the breed. The thickness of the coat also exert some say on the functions and shape of the collar. If it is a small dog, occasional corrections put her on the right track. Large dogs may not mind that at all. Coat size determines the size of the contact points as well. The collar will sit on the neck for a long time. So lightweight products fare better in this respect.

Dog number: There are restrictions on how many dogs the pet fence system accommodates. Some allow only two and some can be used for unlimited pets.

Power surge: Sudden rise in electricity flow could wreck the transmission device as it is connected to a power outlet. There are lightning and power surge protective dog fences too.

Is a dog electric fence safe for the puppy?

We, at DogLoom, believe that the premium electric dog barriers are completely safe for the dogs, provided you follow the training guidelines along with the age and weight instructions. Nevertheless, we are going to submit the full spectrum in front of you. 

PETA: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) vehemently opposes the idea of invisible dog barriers. They say that these are cruel devices which might induce fear in the companion animal. The same view can be traced among the positive reinforcement champions. The humane treatment promoters raise concerns regarding electric shock. Their theory propagates that the dogs learn to abhor the fence as well as the shock but they necessarily never understand the value of staying safe inside the wall.

Professional dog trainers: A number of professional dog experts and trainers propose a different view of the scenario. We cannot deny that frequent dog chasing or leashing could have a toll on your psychology as well. The dog people are mindful of both the human as well as the animal side of the story. And they say the shock barely touches the skin and exerts the slightest amount of electric shock. It is more like a reminder and not a punishment. This treatment got nothing to do with long term psychological implications. Pragmatically, it makes petting a dog way easier for the owner. The practical usefulness of this automatic mechanism far outweighs the tiniest dog inconveniences.

How much does an electric dog fence cost?

On average, purchasing an excellent invisible dog fence may cost in between $100-$800. Of course, you can buy cheaper products but they are incapable of functioning on par with the best wireless dog walls. On the opposite, you will find expensive devices even at the $1500 price range. Dog devotees at DogLoom have identified the premium pet barrier systems with a promise of utmost performance at reasonable prices. So take a look at our individual reviews here for a clearer notion.

However, buying the device, in and itself, is not enough as you might already have imagined the fitting costs associated with the underground system. Invisible fence setup typically gets back at you with a $900-$1400 bill unless you decide on doing it all by yourself. The fitting expenses may run $15-$50 each square feet.

How to install an invisible dog fence?

Two types of invisible pet barriers pose two kinds of scenarios. Let’s have a quick look at the setup process.

Wireless barrier: A popular wireless dog fence installation is an uncomplicated and pretty much effortless task. Buy it, plug it in, set up the perimeter, raise the boundary flags, put on the dog collar and you are all set for training.

Underground fence: A premium in-ground electric pet fence setup, on the other hand, has its inevitable challenges and most probably, you will finally end up at the behest of a professional. In case you are planning on doing it alone, read the instruction manual carefully at every step. It will light up your path. But be careful about the underground gas, electricity and water lines. Accidental damage of these facilities might add extra expenses out of nowhere. Anyway, we are going to lay out an elementary guide for you.

Transmitter installation: Check out your garage for a suitable place. It is the sweetest spot for this machine. Usually, no pet or child makes a headway there and it stays safe from outside elements such as rain or metallic objects.

Test it: You must have mapped a course to run the wire. First, place it above the ground. Turn on the device and check its performance. Some challenges are going to pop up. For example, a swimming pool, trees and other obstructions might reconfigure the path. Twisted and overlapped wire aborts the signal causing loopholes for escapes. If things fail to function properly, you still have the chance to fix it without worrying about your wasted effort and time.

Go underground: Now, you can set it in a fixed position digging 1-3 inches of deep holes along the outlined route. No matter how much expertise you have, this is actually the part where you will twice check the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to making each move. The wire and wire connectors should conform with the device instructions. Before you finally bury the wire, go for another test run. Check the connection and all the devices. All is okay? The hardest part is finished after you cover up the trenches.

How to weatherproof an electric dog fence?

Weatherproof features automatically come with most of the devices. Lightning and surge protector properties.work some magic in this respect. Unless there happens to be an extraordinary natural incident, the pet barrier will remain safe. As the wiring is buried underground, waterproof capacity goes a long way. Look out for an invisible barrier offering these facilities.




Instilling a good habitual sense of boundary has its benefits. With the advent of the latest technology, dogs are no more willing to chase their favorite toys, animals or playmates beyond the designated zone. Let a dog collar and an invisible arrangement do the magic as you sit and enjoy the dog playing inside the yard.

Dogs enjoy freedom and you love to see them exploring their best selves right in front of you without worrying too much about running on to their heels every now and then. You need not be a jerk by doing something mischievous once in a while, in order to contain their swelling enthusiasm. Now, keeping them away from the busy street or the no-go zones of the yard or the neighborhood is merely a matter of your decision, thanks to these advanced invisible fences for dogs.

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