IATA-Compliant Best Dog Crate for Air Travel [Expert choice]

Best Dog Crate for Air Travel

Airlines sometimes reject dog crates for not following their due standards. They have no — universal carrier regulations. This is why smart folks sort out the best dog crate for air travel.

It gives them an easy time during many national and international trips with the pet. Dogloom breaks down the top dog crates for air trips and a buying guide.

But you need to check out individual airline standards as the best dog crates for air travel never meet the requirements of them all. The frequent false ads of the crate manufacturers must not take you by surprise. Do your own research and stay ahead of the dog traveling challenges.

Best dog crate for air travel: Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier-

Why we like it:

  • Safety and comfort for both air and car .
  • Eco-friendly plastic body, heavy-duty wire door.
  • Flat plastic bottom and 1-2 inches of guard below the door avert leaks.
  • 360-degree ventilation.
  • Anti-corrosive bolts.

Most of the airlines accept the Petmate dog crate. It comprehensively follows the IATA rules and the general guidelines put forward by those carriers. This brand has earned an unprecedented lead in dog kennel manufacturing.

Their stunning product quality and business integrity have lent them leadership in the industry. The Petmate crate for air travel comes in all six sizes to cover the requirements of your puppy. This one is designed to back you up with all sorts of travels and crate training.

It provides a superb den experience to the dog. Two live animal stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers ease your air travels.

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Cheap dog crate for little puppies: Amazon Basics Pet Travel Carrier-

Why we like it:

  • Suits both cats and dogs.
  • Mesh fabric for free air passage.
  • Handles and shoulder straps for easy carry.
  • Washer-friendly fleece pad.
  • Exclusively not for chewers.

If you are taking the dog in the cabin with you, this is the ultimate pet container. Many airlines are unwilling to accept crates bigger than 17″ x 11″ x 9.5″.

So, its size exactly fits the bill. Despite a weak appearance, it promises strength. Carry pups up to 16 pounds. The removable fleece pad gives you an easy time cleaning.

One of the most reviewed products that no one is willing to miss. This one offers 3 sizes.

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Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel:

Why we like it:

  • Meets air carrier requirements.
  • The 25-30 pounder comes with an easy-carry handle..
  • Steel door and metal screws.
  • Strong plastic shell with side vents for free airflow.
  • Lightweight plastic frame.

Erase the differences between home and travel comfort. Actually, powerful ventilation evens out the dissimilarities. The squeeze latch door turns everyday use a breeze.

Aspen kennel takes out your heart with an awe-inspiring design and great utility. It literally serves all dog carrier purposes The steep price gets people off the hook.

However, the quality and usefulness surpass that simple dilemma. Genuine dog lovers cannot resist it. Check out the individual restrictions set up by your airline. You get it in 8 sizes.

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Sherpa, Delta Travel Pet Carrier:

Why we like it:

  • Uniquely popular pet carrier.
  • Introduces both style and comfort.
  • The spring-wire frame is exclusively tailored to adjust with the airline seat.
  • Locked zipper and padded bottom.
  • Great storage privilege with a flat fold

Sherpa boasts of a ‘Guaranteed On Board’ program on major air carriers. Their pet travel bags lock many hearts in one fold with their tremendous utility.

Use it for all travels and it suffices the requirements. Pets in the airline cabins cannot get any more relaxed than this.

The three sizes support dogs up to 8, 16, and 22 pounds of dogs. The airline-approved dog crate is not chew-proof.

EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier:

Why we like it:

  • 3-year warranty.
  • Handy airline-friendly dog carrier for small pets.
  • Removable fleece bed cover for simple cleaning.
  • Buckle belt for locking the best pet carrier for air travel with the seat.
  • Mesh net allows sunlight and airflow.

EliteField presents another low-cost dog carrier for air travel. It impeccably suits little pups, cats, and other small companion animals.

The pet kennel for air travel does not sag as you can insert the hard support board. The solid floor also makes the pet enjoy the ride.

It gives a greater physical balance to the dog or cat as he does not need to curl up and roll from one side to the other with the doling of the dog cage for air travel. It comes in 3 sizes.

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Pet Traditional Kennel:

Why we like it:

  • Squeeze-latch door for smooth load and unload.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Solid bottom with raised structure.
  • Metal bolts for a timeless experience.
  • Superb for travel and training.

Fifty years of unrivaled pet experience has led to another 360-degree pet kennel for air travel that delights our soul.

Secure your dog into the fold of true safety while on the road, be it RVing, car trips, or boat cruising. Jump up and down the stairs with the pup inside and the solid construction never minds it. The hard and durable plastic holds up against reasonable pressure and abuses.

Nonetheless, a misfit kennel could result in a bit of discomfort to the puppy. A few of their dog crates for air travel come with an abysmal and lumpy bottom that ends up torturing the dog.

ScratchMe Pet Travel Carrier:

Why we like it:

  • A comfortable under-the-seat adjustment.
  • Mesh windows for extreme ventilation and view.
  • Anti-slip carrying straps.
  • 10 years of customer service.
  • Collapsible design for sleek storage.

ScratchMe brings a no-installation dog carrier for airways. It proposes a comfy fleece dog bed for cozy relaxation. You can completely remove it for machine washes. Portability becomes easy with two connecting loop handles.

The adjustable shoulder strap and lightweight build aid hands-free carry. The spring-wire frame flawlessly harmonizes with the under-seat settings of the major carriers. It fits both cats and little puppies.

But destructive dogs are potentially unfit for this travel carrier’s delicate construction.

SportPet Travel Dog Crate:

Why we like it:

  • Only for the kennel-trained puppies.
  • Wheels are collapsible as is sought for air trips..
  • Plastic body eases setup.
  • Comes with 2 dishes and 4 stickers.
  • Check out with individual airlines.

Robustly built SportPet kennel conforms to several important airline requirements. It presents plenty of room for the dog, excellent build quality, strong, and sturdy.

Fits well in a car and you can also use it for airline travel. Buy the $12.00 recommended cushion for it which makes it just perfect.

Excessive chewers with strong jaws, such as Pit Bulls could still wreak havoc on the plastic pet k

Siivton Airline-Friendly Pet Carrier:

Why we like it:

  • Exceptional ventilation on all four sides.
  • Sturdy handle.
  • Complies with most of the airlines for flight clearance.
  • Excellent for 15 pounders.
  • Made with strong recycled plastic.

The plastic ingredients hold against moderate pressure with traditional Vari Kennel construction. The unusual color of this pet product pleases your eyes.

The size is a flawless fit for all small-sized pets including cats and cockatoos. Fortunately, the door top securely attaches to the base. The right hind leg of the animal could get hurt as a pointed part projects into the kennel.

The handle seems weak enough and it does not tolerate rough usages. So, it fits only the smallest of dogs with the greatest of care.

Siivton Airline-Friendly Pet Carrier:

Why we like it:

  • Oxford fabric and EVA board.
  • Expandable all 4 ways.
  • Suitable for non-destructive little dogs and cats.
  • The bottom prevents sagging with the reasonably firm yet cheap board.
  • The lightweight trait makes it the best dog carrier for air travel.

The plastic ingredients hold against moderate pressure with traditional Vari Kennel construction. The unusual color of this pet product pleases your eyes. The size is a flawless fit for all small-sized pets including cats and cockatoos.

Fortunately, the door top securely attaches to the base. The right hind leg of the animal could get hurt as a pointed part projects into the kennel. The handle seems weak enough and it does not tolerate rough usages.

So, it fits only the smallest of dogs with the greatest of care.

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Buying guide to the best dog crate for air travel:

IATA-approved dog crates come in many designs. But they stick to a similar shape. Stability, breathability, visibility, and comfort of the pet score the most points.

These air-friendly dog crate instructions put you in an advantageous spot as you are about to make the final decision. Top crates and dog backpack carriers make your travel experiences pleasant.

Why buy dog crates for air-carriers?

Planes jerk mid-air. Besides, take-offs and landings could lead to bumps here and there. Passengers stay put on their seats with full knowledge and preparation for these incidents. Anyhow, dogs never understand what is going on in those circumstances.

If pets are let loose in such a situation, things could go insane. This is why the owners must lock their pets inside appropriate air crates for dogs. Apart from air travel, a fitting dog kennel for air travel puts you on a solid footing in any kind of trip.

With the top car seat covers and the dog kennels for air travel, car, boat, RV rides, and vet visits become way safer. Also, crate training is an inseparable part of his learning. One good pet crate serves you the lifetime. Not all crates can pass through airport terminals.

So, astute owners buy a multipurpose one. As many people stumble awkwardly at the airports, wise ones opt for a carrier-friendly dog cage.

What is an airline-compliant crate?

Air-friendly dog crates ensure pet safety. It guarantees smooth breathability, hassle-free portability, superior visibility, food for long trips, and greater identification privileges.

Even some airlines step ahead of the IATA regulations and add some stricter ones to the list of compliance. General day-to-day crates often violate these rules. Hence, airline-compliant dog cages come into the scenario.

Primary crate safety:

Neither a small crate nor a large one serves the puppy right. So, perfect size is mandatory. Besides, a notorious chewer can create a hole or an escape artist often unfastens a weak latch. A flawless design bodes well for everyone.

On a trip, store the identification and medical records inside the dog crates for air travel. In emergencies, the crew can tap into that information.

Also, broken crates invite disasters. Missing zippers give them an exit. Lost handles bring in portability hazards.


Airlines accept containers made of fiberglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood, or plywood. But it varies from carrier to carrier. Metal crates tackle the toughest of air turbulences.

The durability of the kennel weighs heavy in securing the dog in emergencies. Though there are fine plastic crates, airlines often prefer metal ones. Steel or alloy doors do well in collecting permission to fly.

Moreover, these doors offer superior breathability apart from robust security.

Crate size:

While standing up, the puppy’s ears should not touch the roof of the crate. The ears need 3 inches of clearance of the top. IATA crate requirements detail it. A fine dog kennel offers huge space.

Measure the length of the dog’s body and add it to half of their leg heights. Besides, the crate width should be twice the width of the shoulder joints.

The IATA guidance says that snub-nosed breeds require a 10 percent larger container.

Food and drinks:

Long travels inevitably lead to hunger and thirst. Many airlines prefer stainless steel food and water dispensers.

Food and water troughs must be separate. These food and water bowls need to have round edges with non-toxic materials. These containers should be accessible for the airline crew and hooked up at a convenient point by the door.

Labeling and instructions:

Behaviorally, hungry pets could go nuts. They must be fed in due time. If there is any feeding instruction, you need to tag it with the food bag and the kennel. This labeling should not block any airways, especially on small crates.


The door can be either sliding or hinged. Some of the destination countries ask for sealing of the doors and some opt for fastening. You must arrange the means of locking. Large doors need additional hinges with two to three ways of securing the gate.

Dog medications:

A bunch of dogs demonstrates formidable health challenges during travels. They could get triggered in flight. Your vet is apt enough to handle the forthcoming situation. Consult him and carry some light medications with you to sedate the puppy.


Sedation of animals is prohibited, except under certain conditions or veterinary direction. Many commonly used tranquilizers might result in low blood pressure, natural at high altitudes.

The air pressure of an in-flight aircraft is set to the equivalent of approximately 8,000 ft. The combination of altitude and drugs is potentially fatal in the old, chronically sick, or stressed animals.

Darkening the container and putting it in a cool quiet place, when not in the aircraft, will calm most dogs.

What about the wheeled dog crates?

Dog containers with wheels are not recommended. Flight requirements guide you to remove or render those wheels inoperable. Wheels contribute to the free whimsical movement of the crate while in the air. It could cause disasters.

Dog container handle:

Gripped handles turn transportation effortless. An easy-carry feature takes out a lot of heat. Powerfully-built handles can take on a rough ride. The sturdy construction comes in handy.

How many dogs can fly with you?

You can take two animals with you no matter if they are puppies or kittens. Their age should range between 8 weeks to 6 months, weighing no more than 20 pounds.

Can you put two dogs in one crate?

You cannot lock two animals in one pet crate for air travel. They grow anxious and get stressed out on the flight. One might snap another in a tense moment. There will be no one to rescue them.

Potty management:

The crate bottom should go solid and leak-proof. So, nothing spills on the airplane cargo floor. Cover the solid bottom of the kennel by placing a suitable dog mat or absorbent pads.

It adds strength to the rock-solid bottom. Dogs pee on long trips. It also happens out of fear. Brace yourself for some of his remnants on the crate floor at the end.


The total ventilated area must be at least 16% of the total surface of the four sides. The provision of additional holes on the roof or sides of the container or larger mesh-covered holes in order to increase the ventilation is permitted.

For domestic flights, the canine crate needs two ventilated sides while the international ones call for air-pockets on all four sides. Snub-nosed dogs, such as Boxers, Bulldogs, Pekingese, and Pugs are affected more than other breeds by a rarefied atmosphere.

Care must be taken to ensure that the front of the cont cargo floor. Cover the solid bottom of the kennel by placing a suitable dog mat or absorbent pads. It adds strength to the rock-solid bottom.

Dogs pee on long trips. It also happens out of fear. Brace yourself for some of his remnants on the crate floor at the end.

What features are forbidden in air-friendly crates?

Carriers prohibit some dog air travel crate features as well. Top opening or plastic doors, wheels, and often soft crates fall in the forbidden list.


Unless you have a little puppy and you are sure about its calmness, it is always better to go for a metal crate. They provide utmost security and greater assurance about your successful boarding on the flight.

You leave almost nothing to luck as you choose the strongest pet travel crates. But the price of those costly dog carriers often shakes many customer’s resolve. Also, you would not want to spend a fortune for an occasional short trip to a nearby destination.

We have provided an exhaustive list of the best dog crate for air travel. Pick yours and rejoice. But never forget to check out the crate guidance of a specific airline before you purchase the pet carrier.

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