Exclusively 10 Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs in 2021

best car seat covers for dogs

Right at the outset of vehicular trips, your car needs the best car seat covers for dogs. Potential mess, scratches, paw stains, remnants of fur, and saliva invade the seat leather and ruin it. A fresh puppy often vomits at the first spin of the car, out of motion sickness or nervousness.

Overwhelming issues could easily turn you perplexed, be it a vet visit or an aimless roll around the town.

A compelling car seat cover handles disorderly dog business like a pro. Anti-skid properties protect the puppy paws from slipping off. With the padded cushion, the cover provides cozy comfort. Let’s check out the top car seat covers for pets.

Best car seat cover for dogs Hammock Waterproof Luxury Car Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Stable pressure points with diamond stitches.
  • Not one but two waterproof layers.
  • Juicy cushion support.
  • Anti-slip silicone backing for extraordinary safety.
  • Breathable and chemical-free fabric.

Long tours become way more enjoyable with the best pet seat kit by your side. Durability is the top priority for you and this product gets you covered. Claw and paw-proof designs serve your vehicle for a long time to come. The snug feeling keeps the pet calm and glued to the seat no matter what. This Plush Paws Products seat cover also holds up well in the washing machine. Remove spilled water as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might pass through.

OKMEE Convertible Pet Car Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Modifiable from dog hammock to simple seat protector.
  • Unobstructed airflow with the mesh window.
  • Waterproof, scratch, and tear-resistant.
  • Strong Oxford fabric and soft PP cotton.
  • 2 free dog seat belts.

The OKMEE multi-functional pet seat cover accommodates both the pet and the kids in the backseats. The dog does not get entirely disconnected from you and the view, thanks to the frontal mesh window.

The powerful 600D PVC Oxford fabric stands the test of time. It also tolerates machine washes. Hair does not get stuck inside the seams or stitches. Cleaning the messes and fur has been made easy peasy. Dogs fail to climb over the top and the trip remains peaceful. Traveling challenges with pets get reduced with it.

Honest Dog Car Seat Covers:

Why we like it:

  • The coolest appearance of all.
  • Top-quality polypropylene and PVC ingredients.
  • Storage pocket and side flaps.
  • Vacuum cleaner-friendly pet seat cover.
  • Well-grounded dog cover for cars prevents sliding.

This is a must-get for people who are worried about the integrity of the vehicle’s interiors. It introduces a 4-layer combo of 600D Oxford cloth, PP cotton, 210D Oxford cloth, and anti-skid PVC. Apart from waterproof properties, it offers dirt resistance too. Side flaps suffice the surface and the sides of the car seat, ensuring greater coverage against clutter. Pets feel heavenly lying on it. Eco-friendly ingredients further add some points to its bag. Skin contact remains safe all along.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover with Mesh Visual Window:

Why we like it:

  • Pets can see through the zippered mesh screen../li>
  • Two storage pockets for essentials.
  • Side flaps protect the car doors.
  • Universal fitting suits most cars
  • Strong waterproof fabric.

If your family has kids and pets, it should be the top choice for you regardless of all other factors. They want to experience what is going on on the road. Well, give them a fair chance. These pet seat protectors for cars submit a mesh front screen that can be removed by unzipping. The cleaning brings in a little trouble as they recommend hand wash with tap water. Or wipe the surface using a wet cloth. The chemical smell emanating from the cover might seem unpleasant to a few.

Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Four layers of double stitching.
  • Protects the seat, doors, and headrests from messes.
  • Hassle-free trips.
  • Full refund guaranteed.

Now, your visits to the beaches and lakes will go as smoothly as you have imagined. Get into action immediately after the dog pees. You can rescue the situation. Muddy and wet dogs no longer concern the health of the car’s seat. The anti-skid backing prevents the seat cover from sneaking here and there. Breezy installation takes right after your heart.

Cheapest car seat cover for dogs: Honest Outfitters Dog Car Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Low-cost car seat cover with integrity..
  • Submits 4 layers of ingredients.
  • Quilted pattern throws in beauty and durability.
  • The easiest installation.
  • Machine washable with non-slip bottom.

It lends an excellent look to your vehicle interior apart from serving the dog. Top-notch car items barely come at such an outrageously stingy budget.

Of course, 600D Oxford cloth, PP cotton, 210D Oxford cloth, and anti-slip PVC net do a wonderful job out there. Even simple wipes with damp cloths or a vacuum cleaner will remove most of the pet dirt.

Inexpensive covers rarely meet safety and coziness like this one. This one performs its best on top of a leather car seat. The extra thick fabric with strong and large zippers allows strong side flaps. On the flip side, it fits only the smaller to medium puppies with limited aggression.

Amazon Basics Car Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Low-budget protection from scratches and dirt./li>
  • Less grip for the puppy with a slippery surface.
  • Complete polyester.
  • Effortless installation with headrest loops.
  • Suitable for almost all vehicles.

Simply, put the straps around the headrests and you are ready to go. Quick movers badly need this one. Polyester material comes out all-new with ordinary sprays of water.

Setting it into the washing machine could spell disaster. This bad boy handles the potty incidents teaming up with your rapid actions. Your being late in the business means no good though. So, house-trained dogs suit it better.

This pet cover also functions well in securing the car seat from the kids. The only major downside happens to be its slippery top.

DoggieWorld Dog Car Seat Cover:

Why we like it:

  • Turns your car seats scratch-proof./li>
  • Lock the straps around the headrests and done.
  • Powerful stitches for longevity.
  • Free dog seat belt and a storage bag.
  • They guarantee user satisfaction.

Comfortable materials make the ride happy for the puppy. Turns and bumps do not inevitably lead to slips and falls. This washer-friendly pet seat cover protects from nails, dirt, sand, snow, even water. The warm design genuinely hits right into your heart. Puts up the greatest barrier between the seats. It better suits vehicles with lowered seats. Besides, it might emit a bit of a plasticky smell.

Amazon Basics Hammock Rear Seat Cover for Pets:

Why we like it:

  • Tidies up your backseat../li>
  • Made of polyester.
  • Spot cleaned recommended.
  • Universal fit.
  • Waterproof backing.

Cover the seats in case you want. This multipurpose cover serves the transportation of other essentials, such as heavy objects, plants, cookeries, and so on. This is an excellent show of craftsmanship. Beating this price is hard for any top dog seat covers for cars out there. It works the best for small and medium dogs.

The buying guide on the best car seat covers of dogs:

The top car seat covers and the top pet carriers cut right through the troubles on a trip. The buying guide helps you identify premium products.


Normal car seat covers for dogs are made of polyester and cotton. This combination ensures remarkable comfort but not water resistance. Besides, single-ply seat covers are subject to tears from the nails. Look for at least a double-ply product.

Also, notice how much material the pup protector car seat cover offers. The thickness of the item solidifies your ideas in this regard. For waterproof properties, check out the neoprene products which are way costlier.

There are also normal cloth vehicle seat protectors at lower prices. Depending on the source ingredients, the dog experiences differences in traction too. Check out if it presents heavy-duty reinforced straps as they will take a lot of the heat.

Trip distance:

Some of the car seat protectors are really troublesome to take off. So, you may want to buy a hassle-free seat cover for short distances. Check out the easy installation as it might become burdensome after a few days. Contrarily, you can opt for a complex setting in case you are always on the roll. Regular distant travelers do not remove it at all unless messy circumstances bound them. Travel junkies should examine the cargo seat covers.

Puppy growth:

The best car seat covers could turn out to be the worst car seat protectors in case we fail to consider the dog’s increasing body mass. These products perform the brightest at the perfect weight class. For example, a young Great Dane is currently 80 pounds and within another few months, it will easily surpass 150 pounds. What happens to the seat protector that functions excellent at 100 pounds? Well, it becomes garbage pretty soon. Factor in the highest weight of the puppy. So, entertain a dog seat cover for cars that sustains the inevitable future.

Pet habits:

Which character of the dog most bothers the car seat? Dogs vomit, bring mud, get nervous, and so on. Based on these concerns, you might have to purchase a waterproof or stain-resistant, or mesh seat cover. Say, a Retriever gets into the water on trips and effortlessly messes up the car floor. To tackle him, you need a waterproof pet seat protector. On the other hand, hunters slouch down to the soil surface while approaching the prey. Their bodies are soiled with grass, debris, and all kinds of clutter. Heavy-duty choices do well for them.


Foam provides comfort and protection at the same time. The dog sits on it and feels special. It also safeguards the puppy when an accident takes place. At least 2 inches of foam covering functions the best in case of sudden brakes or collisions. Some of the top seat protectors come to you with a wrapped-up foam shelter. It fends off physical damage.

How to pet protect leather car seats?

Of course, Dogloom upholds the car seat cover option for you. This is the best way to combat notorious dog behavior. Moreover, the best anti-chew sprays also fight the notorious designs of the puppy.

Besides, there are organic lifestyle alterations to assist your cause. Get the dog heavily exercised before it steps foot inside the vehicle. He would not even lift a leg to destroy the leather seat. However, we do not always have time to go the long way.

So, the cover or the spray solves the issue in seconds. Cleaning facility: The best car seat covers for dogs counter dust, dirt, grease, stains, food, pee marks, and all sorts of reprehensible elements. So, comfortable cleaning should weigh high in your calculation. Washer-friendly car seat protectors top the public imagination.

What are the advantages of dog seat cover for cars?

The best dog seat cover guarantees some inalienable features. You stand the winner in the end.

Odor control: Dogs emit the nastiest smells ever. When your puppy leaves the car, simply throw away the animal car seat cover for washes. Thus the vehicle interior remains clear of the stenches.

Mess manage: The puppy sometimes pees and feces on the seat. Frequently, a Bulldog owner will see marks of saliva all over the place. A Bernese Mountain easily inundates its surrounding with fur. They all vomit at the beginning of their life due to the spin. A pet seat cover for dogs overrides all these concerns.

Superior pet safety: The dog needs traction on the seat. Otherwise, it might suddenly end up on the car floor. The anti-slip properties together with the foam of the animal car seat covers get the job done. Also, the dog enjoys the extra comfy feeling throughout the trip.

Curbs damages: The leather seat cover of the car is highly sensitive in the face of assault. Dogs and cats are the usual suspects for it. A scratch on the leather could easily run a few hundred dollar bills. Dog travel seat covers prevent water stains, tears, and corrosions at the very outset.

Front seat safety for the dog: If your dog is a constant mover in the car, the front seat never suits him. It is an invitation to the dangers. Anxious dogs often do this and attract your attention during driving with their negative activities.

Moreover, the mighty airbags go strong on the dog and can cause significant physical harm therein. The back seat offers excellent resting privileges. the dog fails to reach your laps as he is lodged at the rear seats. Most of the best dog car seat covers are designed to attach to the back seat. A smart dog owner considers these issues for his puppy.

Spare parts: The replacement covers are crucial for long-time service. Purchase only the best dog seat covers so that you stay tension-free all the way.

How to improve safety?

The dog’s physical proportions determine the suitable seat for him. Larger puppies do well in the back. Contrarily, smaller breeds cozily adjust in the passenger seat with a simple restraint or seat belt.

Physical ailments often lead them to experience pains across joints. Arthritic dogs need a roomy space to stretch out and relax. The back seat does fine for them. Also, you might consider adding an orthopedic dog bed to the equation.

You must put a cap on the dog’s movement. Commercially produced dog restraints or hammocks work well across breeds and sizes. Do not let your puppy jump on your lap while you are driving.

Car interior look: A substandard dog car seat mat effortlessly ruins the gorgeous outlook of a posh vehicle. Nobody denies it. So, the intelligent folks are all for a brilliant pet car seat cover. This way they save the appearance and protect the valuables at the same time.


Protecting your leather car interiors from the dog happens to be a genuine challenge. But the best car covers for dogs make it look easy. These products do not essentially come without troubles. Leaky covers, weak seams, slippery backing, and cleaning hardships could put you in a tough spot. However, these incidents are not everyday occurrences and might take place once in a blue moon. And that should not prevent you from purchasing a top-quality pet seat protector. In 2021, people are also checking out the features of a top air-friendly dog crate too.

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