Complete Analysis On Wired vs Wireless Electric Dog Fence?

in-ground or a wireless electric dog fence

A general question bothers many dog owners. Should I buy an in-ground or a wireless electric dog fence?

DogLoom has dealt with this issue once and for all. Depending on your conditions, you can make an informed decision. 

What is an invisible dog fence?

An invisible pet containment system surrounds a specific zone, the yard or the camp. It deters the pet from leaving the area. The prevention method includes tone, vibration and electric shock at various degrees. 

—  The electric wall could either be wired or wireless. There is a marked unison lying in the transmitter inside your house which is tuned in with the dog collar. It controls the dog’s movement. This mechanism stands to be a way more smart and charming alternative to privacy fences or dog pens.

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Wireless dog fence:

GPS or radio signal driven wireless fence bars the pet from leaving the demarcated area. The transmitter establishes an efficient connection with the dog collar via radio signals. If the dog pushes to the barrier, the collar provides various levels of corrections.

Underground dog fence: An in-ground dog fence runs an undivided line of wire along the border.

Whenever the pet approaches the wire, the transmitter makes contact with the dog collar. The collar introduces static corrections based on the severity of the boundary violation.

—  Underground system could also be placed above ground. But nobody does it because of inevitable maintenance hazards.

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In-ground or wireless electric fence?

After considering the prospects at stake, we can come to a final conviction. Which system is going to prevail?

Primarily, this choice does not depend on what the device offers but a number of related aspects.

Let’s get going.

Ease of installation: Wireless fence goes miles ahead on this factor. You put 1-2 hours in it and you are fully done with the setup. Simply place the transmitter in a weatherproof location, plug into an outlet and adjust the dial to cover the perfect size area.

You are ready to run your show. Contrarily, underground pet containment installation takes a lot of time and skills.

—  Depending upon the area size, you might require days to weeks to establish it at its fullest capacity. Installation instructions, alone, may not be enough for you to go through the hurdles.

Cost: Wireless dog fence again posts an edge here. They come with no hidden expenses. Product price is basically all you have to spend.

In-ground devices require physical labor, time and extra tools such as additional wire, shovels, scissors, staple guns, tape measure, pliers and so on. If you do not have these apparatus, you cannot set it up.

Portability: Camping, vacationing and RVing suits a wireless device. You can take it to all tours. Underground mechanism allows no such privilege. So your lifestyle has a bearing on this issue.

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Area customization: Underground method has significant leverage here. You may cancel out the signal from the wire in an area where static correction is unnecessary.

Swimming pools, trees, no-go zones and several other challenges might leave a wireless device undone.

But an in-ground fence thrives in the face of these concerns with a lot of bending and twisting privileges. You can shape the dog access area as you wish.

Containment border: A wireless barrier gives you a lot of freedom in this respect. You can either maximize or minimize the area, depending upon your requirements.

Besides you can enlarge the given zone, by adding additional transmitters. But the underground system is quite immovable.

Once you install it, you will probably never alter the borders unless emergencies arise.

Property shape: It has a vital bearing on the decision. Wireless devices are only suitable for circular territories. It covers a relatively small area. If your property has odd shapes, you better consider an underground pet containment.

It provides extreme flexibility all along the boundary. Large properties are well suited to its functionality as you can simply add extra wires to cover farther distance.

Signal reach: Tough terrain with uneven grounds, hills, and bushes or trees invalidates wireless devices. The GPS or radio signal fails to evenly reach all corners and thus creates some gaping holes in the defense.

So the puppy could take advantage of several escape routes. You can make the most out of an underground pet barrier in such an area. It flawlessly operates on these grounds, removing all signal interferences from the equation.

Manual labor & time: This is probably the biggest worry for all. One system needs no expertise but the other might initially bound you to call for professional assistance.

An expert led in-ground installation could cost you $1000-$1500. Or you have to put in the diligent work, all by yourself. There will be mistakes and redresses and it will definitely test your patience.

Mechanical collapses: An underground dog wall experiences wire breakage, water intrusion and overlapping issues. These problems could lead to occasional hampers.

—  But it provides better reading of the on-field situations. It tracks the dog better if the device setup is immaculate. It does not rely on the weather at all.

On the opposite, rain, temperature and humidity fluctuations, etc could obstruct wireless signals as it is tremendously affected by the weather. It often provides false reading.

Final Thought: 

In the end, we can say that both methods contain some advantages and disadvantages.

Only you can make the perfect choice. You see, there lies a number of complexities when you are picking one. There is no one-size-fit-all solution here.

— Based on the facts laid out in this article, you can reach a comparatively useful pet containment system for your house.

But remember that you must keep the bigger goal in mind. All that matters is dog safety. You should not deceive yourself with the features of the system.

And you must focus more on the utilities it offers, in the perspective of your conditions. Thus you will find the suitable invisible dog fence.

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