Sit Boo-Boo dog Fence Review: Dog Trainer’s Pro Guide

Cheap Electric Dog Fence

When DogLoom says ‘CHEAP’, it does not necessarily mean ‘TRASH’. You will be stunned as the term is fully tilted towards budgetary concerns without compromising anything with the quality.

So the cheapest electric dog fence for dogs may come with the basic requirements. But they promise a premium grade performance all the way.

What makes the Sit-Boo Boo special?

Sit-Boo Boo Invisible Dog Fence

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You may not find all those fancy features flooding the elite dog containment systems. However, the Sit Boo-Boo hybrid pet fence promises topper outcomes within a restricted capacity.

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Enjoy the best of both underground pet fence and remote dog training privileges. This invisible dog fence is characterized by easy installation and an escape-proof zone keeping your yard view intact.

Sit Boo-Boo aims at happy puppy training together with your improved life. Create an open and safe space for the puppy who never tires out testing the boundaries.

The kit offers a transmitter, long cord, a wireless dog collar and a remote. It also comes with a built-in surge protection. Unlike the cordless pet fences, Sit Boo-Boo attempts to give you unlimited twisting and bending opportunities across the no-go zones.

The compact shape and size of the system makes it easily portable, in case necessary. The frequently moving renters can transport it to their new destination pretty quickly.

Or vacationers can take it to their vacation houses. Restricting the dog’s movement is not the only goal. They prioritize its health and wellbeing too. The zigzagging radio waves could pose health hazards in many invisible dog fences.

But Sit Boo-Boo radio wave frequencies run completely safe for the pet. Excessive vibrations, tones and shocks could be another concern for many dog lovers, but not for this device users.

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The tiny shocks and vibrations simply redirect the behavior and never make him frightful. You must not fear buying it, thanks to their Risk-Free Purchase program. They redress your concerns with a One Year Replacement Warranty.

Check it out deeply.

This dog fence is exactly what you have been looking for all along.

Collar: They recommend the training collar for dogs above 6 months of age. The dog must be versed in following basic commands, such as “stay”, “come” & “sit”.

The remote lets you regulate the intensity and type of the training, allowing you a solid command over all types of situations.

Usually, the static corrections put dog owners at a little unease. Rest assured as the Flextrainer causes harmless discomfort. It is a normal electrical sensation and nothing beyond. The dog will not like it.

At the same time, they would never go insane out of pain. The adjustable correction levels provide ample opportunity to customize your preference. For tackling an overly sensitive puppy, tone & vibration might be enough.

Remote: Give or take, it functions at about 1200 yards of distance. Lasting lithium-ion batteries powers it forward. The sleep mode is designed to enhance battery life.

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The simplest access to the customization settings including tone, vibration and shock. It is tailored to meet all kinds of training needs and to trim the dogs’ behavior around the edges.

Even professional dog trainers love it. The remote is perfect for barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience training. Highly reliable signal range and communication between the collar and the remote.

You can finally teach the old dog some new tricks.

[N.B.] Unlike many other competitor brands, Sit Boo-Boo presents a completely waterproof remote. So your adventures into the wild becomes way more powerful, regardless of weather conditions. Besides, the battery charges very fast. It functions for 3 collars at a time.

Wire: Expandable wire can add extra areas into the containment system, up to 20 acres. Each spool contains 150 meters or 20 gauge solid core & burial grade wire.

— Extreme durability defines this one. Solid copper wire is designed to last a long time. It removes you worries about weakened signals and frequent repairs. The wire is coated in a polyethylene Insulation that goes static. It promises oxidation, moisture and rot resistance.

Additional tips:

The splice connection should be waterproof for smooth operations. Use Gel-Filled Splice Capsules and Wire Nuts when Splicing your Additional Boundary Wire. The burial of wire is not an absolute necessity.  If you feel safe, you may also put it above ground.

Transmitter: The transmitter gives coverage to 20 acres of land. Its low band frequencies are exclusively patterned to tone down the inferences.

The challenges:

Battery life: Battery power rapidly dissipates at training mode, within a day or two. But if you put it on fence mode, it will go for a longer period of time.

Range: Transmitter range may fall shy in rough terrains. Customer grievances point out that it could be a regular thing.

Waterproof: A tab covers the charging port. If it gets broken or removed, the waterproof properties of the collar go away as well.

Wire: The wire is 18 solid copper and it performs relatively poorer than 16 counterparts.

Specs: Weight- 4.5 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium polymer.

Type: Hybrid, in-ground & remote training.

Range: 20 acres.

Compatibility: With Secure-Pet & Flextrainer Hidden Fences.

Alert type: Tone & Vibration. Shock system: Both automatic & manual.

Correction adjustability: Multiple levels of corrections.

Waterproof: Submersible collar.

Portability: Extremely mobile remote training system and the dog collar.

Dog size: Above 8 pounds.

Dog number: 3 dogs.

Surge protection: In-built.

Proximity adjustment: 1-15 feet from the boundary.

Warranty: One year replacement warranty.


You can identify a heavy duty dog fence from a distance. Well, this one belongs to the best group, despite having some flaws.

Our researchers have put in their due diligence in pinpointing this low budget electric fence without resorting to quality adjustment. It will fully suffice your home and away requirements with an underground pet containment as well as a remote controlling apparatus.

Move with Sit Boo-Boo and you will not regret it. If any challenges appear in front of you, their One Year Replacement Warranty program takes care of it. So hop in.

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