Popular Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier Review in 2021

Popular Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

Portable dog kennels ensure puppy safety during travel. For air trips with a pet, this is an inevitable tool.

Otherwise, you would not manage any clearance to get on board. The best dog crate for air travel removes all your worries in this respect. It also serves crate training purposes and road rides. Dogloom discusses only the top dog travel crate in this write-up.

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier:

Petmate -Air travel Pet Carrier

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Brand insights:

Customers love Petmate for dog crates just as they like PetSafe for invisible dog fences. The Petmate story goes as far back as 1959.

Interestingly, this “60-year journey” commenced with the creation of dog kennels. They ride high on popularity because of their outstanding manufacturing integrity and product quality.

Petmate has been holding on to both these enviable features since then. Their success has transpired into the other pet products and pet niche as well. The best dog crate for air travel unavoidably throws us at their behest. Now, let’s check out the traits of the top air-friendly pet crate.


The crate configuration earns approval from almost all major national and international carriers. But there have been minor mishaps with local small-time airlines due to the size.

So, you are requested to check out the individual crate permissions. Sturdy construction, stickers, food containers, and spacious design follow the airline requirements.

Unfortunately, the max size may not agree with a few aviation companies. Except for some rare instances, you get on board the aircraft like a breeze.

Crate safety:

The safety and durability essentially spring from non-corrosive wing nuts, powerful steel wire. Interlocking door, and rigid plastic. The construction promises stellar craftsmanship. The mighty pet crate provides a robust backup on bumpy air trips.


You receive the parts zip-tied in the shipped package. The thing comes with plastic shells, a steel gate, screws, and nuts.

So, assembly is a must but it goes pretty straightforward. If your airline does not agree with plastic screws and nuts, buy the metal ones. The two halves smoothly nest into each other. Simple wingnut-style fasteners connect the top and bottom halves.

Line up the holes by placing the upper shell on top of the bottom one. For even a rookie, bolting the screws into the right holes takes 5 minutes at best.

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