kurgo g-train airline-approved dog carrier backpack Review 2021

G-Train Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Small and senior dogs run out of strength pretty fast on a hiking trail. Their energy drainage stumbles you into an unpleasant dead-end. The best dog backpack carrier for hiking handles this nuisance like a pro. Let the puppy ride on your back. The journey must go as smoothly as any other day. Dogloom discusses only the top hiking carrier for dogs in this 3-minute writeup.

G-Train Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack:

G-Train Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

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Brand insights:

Look at the cute little face sticking out of the G-Train Kurgo, watching the scenery rolling by. Kurgo brothers took up the challenge of creating splendid dog gear dedicated to ensuring safety. Solving your travel hurdles with dogs is their priority. This puppy carrier backpack accelerates your mobility.

Kurgo aims at the safety, comfort, and happiness of your life with the dog. They strive hard to manufacture excellent quality products with a lifetime warranty. Enhance your journeys up a notch by resorting to their simple, time-tested, and user-oriented designs. With this wonderful dog carrier for hikers, be the best to your puppy.

Dog size:

It serves dogs up to 25 pounds.


Kurgo Backpack for Dogs

Photo Credit: Kurgo

Developed for rugged use across the toughest terrains, the G-Train introduces a pet carrier compartment and a zippered mesh top. Zipped storage, two water bottle sleeves, and a think-padded compartment elevates the dog carrier to another height.

The fiberglass support rods bring in desired stability. The waterproof bottom and stow-away straps turn this best dog backpack to be the most popular one. Top and front grab handles guarantee easy carry.

Laptop and iPad sleeves drive in several points in G-Train’s favor too. Long trips become effortless with a hip belt and adjustable straps. A flat rubber bottom offers a relaxed posture. Unlike many other premium dog carriers, the Kurgo submits a fortified backpack.

It is fabricated in a sturdy shape. Strong and stable ingredients make it really worth the price. The structural design tells a lot about the endurance of the small dog hiking carrier. The inner extra poles maintain the original shape of the G-Train. If these bars are displaced, the soft sides cannot hold under pressure. However, the dog sits there cozy no matter what.

Waterproof :

Mesh fabric promises no waterproof properties. So, no protection from the rain. However, the bottom pledges that no potty accident reaches you while carrying.

Sitting position:

The dog carrier backpack for hiking has a removable rigid rubber padded floor. You may want to add a small dog blanket or pillow down there for a cozier cushion and comfort. For the tiny puppies, it gives a superior view of the outer world. Jumpy dogs enjoy no luck, thanks to the tether to hold them in place.

Carry it on your back relying on the adjustable shoulder straps. Simply optimize this support on long trails. Also, many national parks would let you in but they are skeptical about a leashed or loose dog.

This policy springs from a fundamental threat to their wildlife there. The G-Train freehand dog carrier backpack beats those entrance issues. Leave no dog behind anymore.


Smart and techie owners put metal grommets on the backpack for ceaseless airflow. Ventilated mesh back and side panels provide a cooler feeling. The open zipped top also sources ample airflow. The side padding is less breathable. The thick mesh could deter ventilation and leave a heavily furry dog sweaty.

If you are in a sunny zone like California, a black dog carrier initiates some troubles. Too much sun turns the inside of a black bag incredibly hot. It will be impossible for you to stuff the puppy inside of it. The journey becomes irritating in a second.

Weighing about 3 pounds or 1.4 kg, it is hyper-portable. You almost feel like carrying only the puppy. Besides, the straps, hip belt, and top+front handles keep you going for the extra miles. On the flip side, the waist belt offers no comfort of padding.


The laptop pocket is large and spacious. You can easily carry your personal belongings here too. Pull up your gears and the compartments suffice them. Deposit two water bottles into the sleeves for long walks with the pet. People actually look long and hard for these kinds of all-out privileges.

Airline approval:

Do not always count on it. The airline-approved dog crates are whole another story.

Interior carabiner for harness:

The carabiner is connected to the bottom and is headed with a plastic clip. Hook the clip to the dog harness. No more of that popping out nonsense on the trail. Jumping out of the bag is a daydream for the pup.


Far better than any carrier that we have looked into. It’s not just a carrier, it can perform as a checked suitcase and it is a functional heavy-duty backpack. Use it on hikes with your dogs and cats.


Machine wash gentle and air dry. The removable bottom pad is washable as well.

Size :

The dimensions are 13″ W x 21″ H x 10″ D.


Red and black are two colors for it.

Price :

This dog backpack carrier is not restricted to the primary task of moving the puppy only. Rather, it transcends into an overwhelming role of your go-to hiking solution. So, weigh in the factors before you make a decision. Dogloom opines that it is pricey but not in an exorbitant way. It literally transforms your life-in-motion.

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Kurgo presents a lifetime warranty on it.


Only wise and lucky dog owners get to have their hands on this masterfully crafted pet carrier backpack. We have searched the market upside down and found this treasure trove for you. Take it right now and tackle the traveling challenges with dogs.

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