How to Clean Foam Dog Bed Insert: 8 Effective Steps

How to Clean Foam Dog Bed

Dog beds can become pretty messy if you don’t take the necessary steps to wash them. Like human beds, dog beds can store dirt, grim, and most importantly, they become greasy. When it’s about the foam bed, the cleaning process should be more perfect. These types of dog beds are breeding grounds for viruses, bacterias, and harmful microorganisms. 

As a dog owner, you may already know this stuff, and cleaning seems easy. But, the thing is only cleaning, and proper cleaning is two different things. 

Furthermore, suitably cleaning will help you to wash away all the threats. So, how to clean foam dog bed insert adequately. 

Here, we have listed 10 easy and efficient tips to answer the question. You will be able to know when and how to clean your dog bed. 

Apart from that, if you have concerns about how to clean orthopedic foam dog bed and how to clean shredded foam dog bed insert, you can get the best ideas as well.

8 Easy Ways to Wash up that Filthy Dog Bed 

Taking care of your dog includes taking your friend to many places for recreation. But, they bring all the kingdom’s filth with them and take it straight to their bed. 

One crucial thing to consider is your dog bed cleaning process will include 2 different methods. One is Cleaning the dog bed cover, and the other one is cleaning the foam. 

For your convenience, we included both processes together.

1. Gathering Your Cleaning Supplies:

Gathering Your Cleaning Supplies for dog bed cleaning

First, you will need to collect all your cleaning supplies, which you will need later on. This cleaning process may take some time to finish, and you don’t want to go to the store for any missing ones. So, it’s best to pile up the crucial cleaning commodities before starting. 

Moreover, it will feel less tiring and irritable to complete the whole cleaning process. The purification supplies for the best washing 

  • Vacuum cleaner. 
  • Detergent.
  • Bathtub.
  • Pet hair removing brush. 
  • Odor and stain removing supplement. 
  • Detergent additive (mandatory)

You may not have a bathtub in your house. But, you don’t have to worry about it because a large bowl can replace the bathtub. 

2. Preparing the Solution:

Preparing the Solution

Fill the bathtub or the large bowl with warm water. You have to ensure that it’s half-filled because too much water may be unnecessary for the cleaning. Moreover, it may even ruin the final outcome of the cleaning. 

Now, pour 1-2 scoops of detergent in the water. Gently agitate the water with your hand until the detergent is mixed with the water. For further cleaning, you can add some other additive to the solution. 

After mixing the solution, wait for 2-4 minutes before putting the bed in the solution. The purpose is to wait until the detergent is thoroughly blended. 

3. Removing Outer Cover:

Removing Outer Cover

For the best cleaning, removing the outer cover from the dog bed is essential. Later, you can wash the bedding in the washing machine. But, never put the foam inside a washing machine. 

Putting the foam inside the washing machine will only ruin it and may even cause disasters. Some people may think it is time-saving but always avoid placing dog bed foam inside a washing machine. 

4. Vacuuming the Bed and Foam:

Vacuuming the Bed and Foam

This step is the most crucial step for proper cleaning. Just like cats, dog hair also falls frequently. This hair will be stuck in the bed for a long time, and regular cleaning will not be able to remove the hair. 

Moreover, trying to wash off the hair may cause it to be permanently stuck on the bedsheet. The same goes for the foam too. 

Vacuuming is the best possible solution to prevent this situation. After removing the sheet, use the vacuum cleaner to absorb all the loose hair and obscure debris. 

Cautiously complete this task so that all the detectable residue is removed from the dog bed. 

5. Rechecking for Other Residues (Mandatory):

Rechecking for Other Residues

This step is not that important because vacuuming will remove 80% of loose particles. Still, those who want to be extra precautious can recheck the sheet and clean it with a brush. 

Sometimes, there may be some other sticky residue besides dog hair that can not be removed through vacuuming. So, it is better to clean this debris with a wet piece of fabric. 

You may be thinking, why not just wash it in the washing machine. Some sticky residues spread all over the sheet if washed in a washing machine. Further cleaning will only ruin the cover. 

So from now on, use a piece of wet fabric for sticky residues such as mud stains, oil stains, and poop stains before hand washing the cover.  

6. Washing the Bed:

Washing the Bed

Now it’s time to wash the bed. If you think that your dog bed is machine washable, then wash it in the washer instead of hand washing. Careful about the rinse cycle between cleaning. Make it 2 times after every wash. Rinsing will clear out all the specks of dirt thoroughly.   

And for hand washing, pour the bed in the solution and keep it there for 5 minutes. After that, drain the water and let the bed finish soaking. Later, rinse the bed with hot water and squeeze out as much water as you can. Do this process repeatedly until you see only clear water coming out from the bed. This clean water will prove that no irritating residues are remaining in the bed. 

7. Stain and Odor Removing (Extra):

Stain and Odor Removing

You can perform this step in the cleaning process. Submerged the dog bed in mildly hot water and made sure that is fully descended in the water. 

In the water, pour 1 tablespoon pet-friendly detergent and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. The detergent breaks down dust and spots, and the vinegar compensates for smells with no health issues for your companion. After washing the dog bed, let it soak for 15 minutes. 

The best part about this procedure is, you can perform it while washing the dog bed. 

8. Drying Up the Bed:

Drying Up the Bed

There are no cautions for drying the bed in a dryer. If your dog bed can fit in the dryer, then place it and set the dryer on the central heat setting. After that, let the bed tumble until it is dried totally. 

For large dog beds, drying outdoors is fine. The natural sun sanitizing properties is perfect for revitalizing the dog bed. Choose a warm and less humid day to dry. 

Be precious about drying the bed. Mold and bacteria may grow if the dog bed is not dried accurately. 

Few Extra tips to Maintain the New Look for a Long Time

Prevention is better than cure. There are so many ways to hold that perfect look for your dog’s bed. You can apply them so that your dog can’t make a mess,

  • You can cover the entire dog bed with a comfortable blanket and wash it instead of the dog bed later. 
  • You can use large garbage bags to enclose a small dog bed. The airtight state will protect the dog bed from all types of moisture and stains. 
  • Use vinegar to wipe down the bed. The vinegar solution is not harmful to dogs and kills all severe pathogens. 
  • Vacuum your pet bed often. 

Regularly maintaining these tips will help you to manage a clean and shiny dog bed for months. 

Concluding on How to Clean Foam Dog Bed Insert

Dog beds may have many different variants, but the overall cleaning procedure is always the same. Maintaining a 5-day cycle between your washes is more than enough. 

Moreover, this cleaning regime will also have health benefits for your furry companion. They will be more robust, agile, and playful. From dollar store dog beds to expensive pet beds, daily washing eradicates smells, decreases viruses and pathogens, and keeps your dog comfortable & fit.

If you have any questions regarding how to clean foam dog bed insert, then please let us know in the comments. Your honest opinions and questions help us to improve our writings further.

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