Garmin Alpha Dog Fence Details: Complete Guide

Invisible Dog Fence

We know that you want the best electric fence for dogs. We have trimmed the list down to one shot. Take a deeper look at Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle. DogLoom experts have brainstormed and figured out all the issues you need right here.

Now, hop in as we are going on a ride to the premium functionalities of this top-notch invisible dog fence.

Garmin Alpha Dog Fence:

Garmin Alpha Dog Fence R

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Special tidbits:

Specs: Weight- 1.176 pounds, Batteries- Rechargeable lithium-ion.

Type: Wireless. Range: 9 miles or 14.5 km and 4 miles or 6.5 km (respectively for the regular and mini collars).

Alert type: 18 levels of tone & vibration.

Tracking data type: Distance, directions, location, speed.

Notification interval: 2.5 seconds.

Shock system: Manual.

Battery life: Up to 20 hours.

Battery saver: Rescue Mode at 25% of battery life. Correction adjustability: It offers low, medium & high shock features. Due to intensity, high shock could demoralize the dog in an instant.

Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof, up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Portability: Extremely mobile. Dog size: TT-15 & TT-15 Mini models, respectively for large and small distances.

Dog number: Up to 20 at a time. Individual contact: Each of the 20 dogs can be contacted separately.

Area configuration: Customizable circumference.

External memory: MicroSD™ card (not included)

Warranty: One Year Consumer Limited Warranty.

What makes the Garmin Alpha special?

Great tracking distance, efficiency and precise reading of Garmin Alpha gets the other invisible dog fences off the hook.

You have been looking for one of these premium devices all along in case you are an ardent outgoer. Unlike other pet containment systems, it sucks out the top performance from your puppy. It rises above your expectations, every single time.

This device blends the best of Garmin GPS with the time tested Tri-Tronics® electronic dog training technology. So each venture at home or into the wild turns out to be far more powerful and enjoyable.

Your dog never escapes your watchful eyes, thanks to the unprecedented tracking and training ranges. The handheld machine notifies their location every 2.5 seconds.

It simultaneously pinpoints the locations of 20 dogs along with their speed, distance and directions. Interestingly, you can establish signals and communications with individual dogs in the pack.

Both training and control has reached a never-seen-before height. This dog barrier is highly useful for decisive training programs. It offers 18 levels of tone and vibration levels, giving the training a customized experience.

Also, the lockout setting fends off any accidental response. Short battery life often tends to drive dog owners mad. Garmin proposes ‘Rescue Mode’ to extend the battery time.

As the collar reaches 25% battery life, it automatically shifts down to update rates at 2 minute intervals. Lengthened time allows you precious extra moments to locate the puppy. You will be amazed with its BaseCamp software. It avails the views and maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks. Your computer screen retrieves 2D or 3D topographic map data, thanks to BaseCamp.

You need not rely on cell phone towers alone. You have GLONASS to cover you up. GLONASS is a global navigation satellite system, providing real time position and velocity determination for military and civilian users.

You still receive safe, secure and useful tracking data when you and your puppy slip into a no internet or no cell zone. Things happen in the jungles, mountains and unknown territories.

Garmin covers your back on the go by providing the exact positions of the puppy. Rainy or snowy weather does not bother the screen. It works under water and even the glove touches will keep the machine running.

Alpha 100 proposes 100k preloaded US topographical maps. No network does not mean you are getting lost. You always know where you stand as well as the surroundings.

In short, you should not miss it if you would like to go pro with the puppy. You can keep them away from hazards.

No need to wait until your dog goes missing or in danger to get him back. Virtual boundaries pop up on your map at your discretion. You receive a warning if he wanders off your geofence. Recall him right away.

Go hunting in a group and locate your fellow hunters as well. Your Alpha shows the fellow Alpha positions, apart from the dogs. Keep up with the peers effortlessly.

So what is preventing you from making a decision right here and right now?

What do the collars offer?

Garmin provides two types of collars, TT 15 & TT 15 Mini. Prices go the same for both the devices, despite having differences in coverage and battery life, etc.

The collars tolerate 10 meters of water pressure. Dogs, with neck circumference of 9.5 inches and above, can use them. They are compatible with Rescue mode. Replaceable collar straps happen to be an attractive deal. The collars are tough enough to run literally anywhere, up to 9 and 4 miles away. T

he progressive stimulation outweighs its age old linear counterpart. In a linear system, the stimulation rises from low to high or vice versa, depending on your alterations.

But these collars propose a gradual progression from 1-18 levels of responses. The collars contain LED beacon lights, subject to your control from a remote location via the handheld device.

In a low light condition, these built-in lights could be lifesaver. So bad weather cannot stop your adventure. You and the puppy move out regardless of rain, storm, snow, floods or night. Garmin sets you free.

Garmin Alpha challenges:

Price: Exorbitant price is surely something to reckon with. Operational challenges: The device faces difficulties in operating outside of the geographical area of the USA. The frequency that the unit uses might interfere with a frequency reserved by the government of your country

Lousy interface: It offers a poor user interface. Finding the options could prove to be difficult in an emergency. A barrage of features will most probably bewilder you at the beginning.

Battery life: Brings in low battery life although it recharges pretty quickly. But the Rescue mode is super useful in extending the battery usage.



Garmin has designed an invisible dog containment system with 18 alert levels. Only a true outgoer could wish for this best electric fence and tracking device.

An outstanding dog lover gets no better deal than a Garmin Alpha handheld. It pitches an all round performance throughout the seasons, on the roughest of the terrains.

DogLoom loves its outstanding coverage, nuanced accuracy and versatile features. The negligible deficiencies cannot obstruct you from having one of these.

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