How To Be Sure About Electric Dog Fence Safety?

Is Electric Dog Fence Saf

In general, electronic pet training devices center their activities on electric impulses such as sound, vibration or shock to restrain the puppy from mischiefs. The best electric dog fence is no exception to this rule of thumb.

— Depending upon the behavior of the pet, it changes the level of signal. Thus it tries to instill good behavior on the part of the dog.

However, there are proponents and opponents to this training mechanism.

Let’s chime in together.

How does the electric pet fence function?

Pet containment systems are of two types. — One goes wireless and another is wire based. Both types of devices provide three kinds of warnings for the dog. Primarily, they produce an alarming sound together with a vibration.

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If the dog still persists in its design, the machine finally brings forth a mild shock. These corrections deter the pet from taking on a certain course of action.

Who proposes electric pet fences?

Well, pet trainers, experts and owners love the automatic dog barrier systems. Its universal usefulness is a tremendous drive behind the growth of electric correction devices.

Everyone recognizes the hassles intricately involved with pet management. Dogs are unpredictable. This is why they are put on leash. No matter how small the distance, some state laws often bound them to be under constant restrictions.

— Consequently, a responsible owner can never let them go outside of the door. Despite having an open yard, you must restrict the pet’s access to it unless you accompany her.

This could be disturbing for busy pet owners. Dogs need their fair share of physical exercise.

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If there is no traditional wall, the best pet fence systems save you from this dilemma. The furry baby runs out and enjoys itself to the fullest.

Dog trainers are in favor of it. A little training grooms the dog to fully adapt to this mechanism. —  Within 1-2 weeks, the pet is completely prepared to go out all by itself. It removes accident related worries.

Despite the system being a negative training method, the practicality runs deep into one’s mind.

The main argument happens to be its negligible effect on the health and wellbeing of the puppy. The electric shock could be equated with a trivial splash of water on the face.

It simply startles her and brings her back to sense. The correction never packs her down to a corner. No physical hurt or psychological damage occurs at all.

Over a period of time, the dog even does not mind the electric corrections. The shock adjustability enters the scene during this phase. You can set it to various levels, depending on the absorbing capacity of the puppy.

—  Most importantly, the mechanism becomes obsolete as the dog learns about the invisible barrier. She stops pursuing things beyond the border.

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As the puppy refrains from getting closer to the wall, she receives no shock. Actually, it is an innocent method of keeping the dog safe and active at the same time without putting in too much work.

However, the dog could be scared with a constant shock.

It might occur if the device is faulty. If the dog collar goes faulty, it might provide incessant corrections, sending the dog into fear or trauma.

But these are mere accidents and could happen once in a blue moon.

Who opposes the electric dog containment system?

Positive reinforcement proponents and animal rights activists are dead against all kinds of electric dog therapies. Their arguments present a convincing story as well.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says that —  

Electronic fences may develop fear or aggression aimed at what they believe is the source of the shock. Fireworks drive pets out of the invisible barriers out of fear.

Moreover, dogs are reputed for chasing after other animals including cats, squirrels and dogs.

Once they receive the electric correction and somehow make it beyond the barrier, they would be frightful of heading back inside the zone.

—  Besides, the pain threshold varies from dog to dog. One does not notice it and another jumps up in extreme pain as well as anger. Heart and respiration rates might experience significant changes in the wake of occasional shocks. It causes confusion as they fail to relate the behavior to the punishment.

Moreover, temperamental alteration leads to gastrointestinal disorders. The fence puts the puppy in confinement.

So an outside animal or human can disturb her peace and leave without fearing any repercussions. It drives her to insanity by suppressing the chasing instincts.

So animal lovers prefer a traditional fence raised about 6-8 feet high. It effectively deters her from leaving the boundary.

What DogLoom experts say?

We propose a judicious use of dog electric fences. But we recommend a moderation in the treatment as well. Buy an invisible pet barrier that contains a lot of correction levels.

So you can efficiently maintain an amount that does not bother the puppy too much.

Our dog trainers want you to impart a solid fence training to the puppy. Then observe her behavior and reaction as the system takes control of her movement. Customize the correction level to a tolerable degree. Reward her heavily in case she is willing to cooperate with the method.

— Appreciate her good behavior to reinforce it. If the correction collar misbehaves, the puppy could go mad in pain. Keep a watchful eye in this respect. There are no solid study based reports on dog abuse in this regard.

In the past, there were obviously some accidents involving it. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in its truest sense.

Unless there appears a sophisticated mechanism to maintain dog safety, it is very difficult to wipe out the electric dog fences.


The best dog containment system greatly relieves the owner. The dog can make the best of its freedom.

In addition, the owners can steer clear of the immense costs involved with building a traditional fence. Renters often cannot put up a wall, even if they want to. Also, controlling several pets could be a huge headache for anyone.

They find an electric barrier to be enormously useful. So if you need one, go for it. The pet would rather acknowledge gratitude over its newfound liberty in the long run than minding the shocks in the short term.

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